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Tank Facts: Panzer 58 Mutz

Tank Commanders!

Have you seen this new Tier VIII medium tank on the Premium Shop?

The Panzer 58, named after the year that it began serving in the Swiss Army, was an indigenous creation designed specifically for defending the mountainous land of Switzerland. It served from 1958 to 1964, when existing Panzer 58's were converted to Panzer 61's. The Panzer 61's watched over Switzerland until 1994, when they were replaced by more modern tanks such as the German Leopard 2 (licenced to Switzerland as the Panzer 87).

Even then, the Swiss Army continued to apply the lessons learnt from the development of the Panzer 58 to the tanks they built or modified for use in their homeland.

This vehicle is a powerful addition to Germany's arsenal of well-built tanks, because it addresses many of the shortcomings seen in its German counterparts.

Have a look at this venerable vehicle's stats below to learn what it can do! (Also, don't forget to check out the special Crew Reward Missions!)


  • Penetration - Excellent penetration of 212mm with standard AP rounds. Can consistently penetrate vehicles in the same tier, and also penetrate many vehicles of higher tiers.
  • Gun Accuracy & Rate of Fire While its accuracy is not particularly exciting, it's not sloppy in this department, and it has great aim time and rate of fire to match.
  • Excellent Gun Elevation - The main gun has excellent angles of elevation and depression. The Panzer 58 was designed to fight on mountainous terrain, so you will be able to find surprisingly effective angles of attack that even the most experienced tank commanders may not expect.
  • Speed and Acceleration - The Panzer 58 can achieve a high top speed of 50km/h very quickly. However, it loses speed while turning, so try to travel in straight lines as much as possible and you will find yourself in the right positions for combat more often.
  • Excellent Credit Income

Tactical Role in Battle

  • Support tank
  • Ambush