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Tank Facts: O-I

Tank Commanders,

Update 9.10 has introduced several new vehicles on the World of Tanks battlefields, including the newest Japanese O-I! Despite its unconventional name, the in-game stats for this Tier VI heavy tank are impressive enough to silence any critic.

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Distinctive Features


The O-I can be equipped with two excellent guns: a 10-cm gun included in the basic configuration and a 15-cm Howitzer, which is available after researching in the tech tree. The vehicle can prove effective in battle even with the standard gun, but it is the top-tier gun that makes the steel giant a formidable opponent, which can knock out a vehicle of the same tier in one shot. This is because its damage on penetration is comparable to the damage dealt by SPGs. The O-I is most effective at close and medium range due to the low accuracy of the top-tier gun.


It's no surprise that this Japanese tank has an impressive armor protection. Its rear and front armor are each 150 mm thick, which is almost off the charts for a Tier VI vehicle.


If the armour doesn't help, the tank can rely on its durability instead. The Japanese behemoth has 970 hit points, which is the highest number as compared to its peers (except for the Premium TOG II*).


The vehicle has a surprisingly good mobility for its large size. The tank is able to attain the maximum speed of 30 km/h and quickly accelerates to the cruise speed of 24–26 km/h. Maneuverability of the vehicle is also worth mentioning, as its traverse speed is 22 deg/s.

View Range

Even without additional modules, the tank's view range is 370 meters, which allows it to effectively scout the direction selected for combat actions.


The O-I is a giant Tier VI heavy tank, which means the size of the vehicle makes searching for cover a real challenge. For example, bushes are not suitable for concealing the enormous hull. However, such a design has its advantages: the high vantage point of the gun allows the Japanese tank to hit weak spots of vehicles with lower profiles (e.g., turret top) more easily in close combat.

Tactical Advice

The maximum effectiveness in battle can be achieved through alternating HE and AP shells. When the tank sits at the top of the tier list in any given battle, the choice of a shell type depends on the vehicles in the view range of the O-I. It is better to use HE shells for long-range firing, as the low accuracy of the gun does not facilitate aiming at weak spots at a distance of 200 meters and more.

If the tank is in the middle of the tiers, it is a good idea to be more careful. Make HE shells your primary choice and stay close to your allies.

In Tier VIII battles, follow the "hit and run" rule to escape retaliation. Move in groups of allies and try to avoid open spaces. Your armor can block the shots of several Tier VIII vehicles, but do not take chances exposing yourself to enemy fire. Wait for the big boys sitting at Tier VII or VIII to engage in combat and deal damage afterward. That is the best way to be of use for your team.


The O-I is a huge well-armored tank with a high single-shot damage similar to the German E-100, with the only difference being that it dominates the Tier VI ranks instead.