T92: The Swift Sentinel

The T92 is the newest light tank to roll out for the USA tech tree, and perhaps the first Premium light tank since the T7 Combat Car.

But unlike its forebears, you'll not be zipping around the battlefield in a tiny armoured cart; on the contrary, you'll be owning a speed demon that's more than capable at holding its own amongst the top tiers.

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  • A new Premium light tank joins the ranks! Rush across the battlefields in World of Tanks and penetrate the side and rear armor of enemies who make mistakes, or spot enemy vehicles from a bush and enable your allies to cause tons of damage. Sounds fun? It should. The T92 is also capable of earning a considerable amount of credits.
  • Size matters. But not the way you think; this vehicle is ultra-compact, making it hard to spot, easy to miss, and impossible to forget its quick-firing shells.
  • Running Silent. The concealment is great under any circumstances, allowing you to hide in bushes passively spotting enemies and watching their vain attempts to detect you.  Alternatively, you can play as an active scout spotting enemy positions while pondering your next move.
  • Swift and Ever-alert. The T92's mobility is decent, yet not the best among the light tanks. However, the vehicle quickly accelerates to the specified 60 km/h and steadily holds the speed. Its good specific power of 35 (h.p./t) is also worth mentioning. “Mobile” is an adjective that definitely describes this vehicle.
  • Impressive visibility. For a scout, the T92's view range is on par with its basic value as 400 m. By using appropriate equipment, consumables, and skills/perks, the view range can be increased greatly. If there is an enemy vehicle nearby, the T92 will (most likely) spot it.
  • Shooty-shooty. The gun is - in a word - Fun. The 76 mm T185E1 Gun features a DPM of 2,000+, aiming time of 1.8 s, and accuracy of 0.38.  Only its penetration value prevents it from becoming truly perfect. On the other hand, the T92 is a scout; it should ideally spot enemy vehicles non-stop, and cause damage by aiming at the vulnerable spots in the enemy armor, if possible.
  • Paper-thin frame. This is a light tank and it stays in battle only until you let the enemy hit you: No armor, low durability. If such a misfortune happens, only the one who drives the T92 is to be blamed, because a vehicle that features such great maneuverability, mobility, and concealment does not need much armor and durability. In other words, the survivability of the vehicle directly depends on your skill.

T92 Packages on the Premium Shop

Interested in owning a T92? Here's your chance! With 2 packages to choose from in the Premium Shop, you can pick the one that suits you most.

[Premium Shop] T92: A New Light Tank Rolls Out

Sale Start: 2 December, 2017 (Saturday) @ 14:25 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Sale End: 11 December 2017 (Monday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

  • T92 LT - Standard
  • T92 LT - Ultimate
T92 LT - Standard

Package Contents:

  • T92 LT
  • 1x Garage Slot


  • USD 28.57

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T92 LT - Ultimate

Package Contents:

  • T92 LT
  • 1x Garage Slot
  • 5xVictory EXP bonus (15 tokens)

    Note: Unspent tokens will expire on 1st February 2018. Not applicable for First Victories.
  • 15x Personal Reserves: +200% Crew EXP (Duration: 2 hours)
  • 5,000


  • USD 47.36

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