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T-22 medium: First among Equals

The traditions of the Soviet school of tank-building were famous for versatility of designed vehicles: they were designed for a wide range of purposes in various conditions. In World of Tanks, that is especially noticeable for top medium tanks: these vehicles are known for their versatility. The T-22 medium is not an exception. This medium tank can perform as well as its analogues, just better.

Within this article we’ll tell about the features of the new tank of the Soviet tree.


Guns. Outstanding Soviet guns relevant to high standards of all-Union State Standard: with good rate of fire and excellent penetration. The most accurate guns within Soviet medium tanks. Aiming time is quicker than for Soviet counterparts – 1.9 seconds, the best value among all Tier X MTs comparable with the Leopard’s aiming time.

Stabilization. Accuracy during movement is excellent: the vehicle can cause damage by firing on move.

Mobility. The most dynamic medium tank of tier X of the Soviet tree. The best ratio of engine power and tank’s weight makes it the most mobile one: a tank can influence the battle without spending a lot of time moving through the map.

Armour. This is a really tough guy. Literally. The T-22 medium takes the heat as it’s really difficult to penetrate: its front and side armour, depression angles and well-armoured turret helps. This tank stands out with its armour among the tanks of the same class. The value of its front armour reaches 250 mm!

Tactical role. This tank is able to do everything necessary for a medium tank: capturing strategically important positions, acting in an assault group of medium tanks, fire support of heavily armoured allies. And even more. If necessary, the T-22 medium is good at taking hits.

Due to the peculiar shape of its hull, the newcomer from the Soviet tree is quite capable to “tank” a shot from a high-tier opponent.