Steel Hunter Showdown!

Now if this isn’t another exciting event off the back of some already insane spectacles for the ANZ Community, we don’t know what is. This Monday September 21 from 8:00PM UTC+10, eight of your ANZ CCs and one special guest will be joining forces and representing an in-game nation and tank for the second round of Steel Hunter! CC’s will join up in groups of three and represent either the US, the UK or France and fight for the most wins on the night, battling it out in platoons on the ANZ server. The fighting will be fierce, and the rewards great, with each team fighting for three Tier VIII Premium Tanks to give away!

Below is each nation and the three members that will fight it out in that respective nation's tank, as well as the Tier VIII Premium Tank they will be rewarded! From 8:00PM UTC+10 till 11:00PM UTC+10, whoever accrues the most wins in that three hour period will be crowned the victor, and have a nice set of tanks to give out to their communities.

So head on down and check out each team and their respective streams, where you can join in on all the action from 8:00PM UTC+10 Monday night! They’ll also have some cheeky Bonus Codes to give out!

Team France

Team Members:



Chlotar (special guest)

Fighting for:

3x  VIII M4A1 Revalorisé  


Team UK



Team Members:




Fighting For:

3x  VIII FV4202  


Team US

Team members:




Fighting for:

3x  VIII T92  


So there you have it, your teams, your members, and what’s at stake! Tune in to your favourite CCs streams from 8:00PM UTC+10 to also win some special bonus codes, and cheer them on to the Steel Hunter Showdown Victory!