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Tank Facts: Škoda TVP T 50/51

General News
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  • Mobility
  • Really convenient guns (short dispersion time, dispersion, stabilization).
  • Guns with auto loading and a cylinder with 4 shells
  • Quick reloading of shells in the cylinder
  • Quick reloading of the cylinder
  • Excellent view range
  • Excellent elevation angles

Tactical role in the battle

  • Support tank – moves fast on the battlefield. Works best within a group of allies. Near the end of a battle, you can change tactics to a more aggressive playing style and deal damage to lone tanks.
  • Suggested strategy – save your HP till the end of the battle. Reduce the time spent under the fire using all possible hiding places, including heavily armoured allies (thank them later). Due to excellent elevation angles (-8…+20) the tank can plan out of the slopes, putting under opponents fire by just moving your turret.
  • With high mobility, the Czech is able to quickly reach key positions on maps, change flanks and move to points that requires attention.