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Sentinel AC I Reviews

Tank Commanders,

The Sentinel AC I was recently released in World of Tanks. This piece of history was recently returned to Australia thanks to Wargaming, and it's also found a new home in the game. 

Some of the esteemed members of our community have gotten their hands on the tank, tested it, and made reviews of it. We'll be showcasing their reviews in this article.

Video Review

First up is a video review by Australian Youtuber MajorRage. In his video, he discusses the traits of the tank and gives us a first-hand look at how it fares in combat. Quite impressively, its armour holds up well against incoming fire.

Check out the video below:

NOTE: The in-game footage of the Sentinel AC1 in the video below shows a customised user interface. The player is using a fan-made modification, which is not reflective of the default user interface in the game.

Written Review

In addition to the video above, we also have a written review by Chappo.

In his review, he describes the Sentinel AC I's history, its in-game characteristics, and how to make the best use of it in combat. 


We hope that these informative reviews have been helpful to you in understanding the Sentinel AC I. 

If you like what you see, grab your Sentinel today!

Roll out!