Roadmap Sneak Peek #3: More about Mirny-13, Waffenträger, and Random Events


We already teased the new line of British wheeled vehicles in April, and they will soon roam around the battlefields. Now it is time for a glimpse at the new Japanese heavy tanks, the next line in development.

Watch our latest “Roadmap Highlights” video and follow Michael Broek, Publishing Director for World of Tanks in Europe and America, and Aleksandra Legenchenko, Senior Game Designer for World of Tanks, as they lift the veil on the upcoming Waffenträger event, venture into the eerie realm of Mirny-13, show off the spectacular “Random Events” that will soon hit Random Battles, and much more!

FAQ Highlights

What is the Overwhelming Fire event about?

It is intended to be a fun mode and all about "what-if" and crazy ideas. Such as... what if there was an autocannon arty?

For this event, you can drive and experiment with eight different vehicles. But before anyone gets too excited, these tanks are intended for fun and experiments and are not a precursor or plan for future vehicle release on the live server.

How is Ermelinda and the Waffenträger doing?

The Waffenträger game mode will return with all the fun and chaos.

Ermelinda will be back with her notorious monster of a tank. We'll also be introduced to Hannelore, her older sister, who joined the alliance.

Will Mirny-13 be open for exploration this year?

Many of you were asking for a return of Mirny-13 and we're pleased to announce it will be coming back. Our current plan is for this episode to be the final chapter in the trilogy, but who knows what the future holds for the town of Mirny.

We are also going to introduce new mechanics that will allow you to deal with dynamic and dangerous moments, like the ability to become invisible to the enemy or improve your reload speed.

When will we get to experience Random Events again?

Thanks to everyone who took part in testing the last Recon Mission. By the end of the year, you can expect to see random events in random battles, with a special “Maps in Development” tag once you are in the battle to disable these maps from appearing in your map pool, as they are enabled by default.

The way the event also triggers during the battle has also been refined, based on testing feedback and data. This should make the event occurrence more dynamic but not obstructive.

What kind of map and vehicle rebalances will be happening?

We have a lot of staff and resources currently invested in working on our new generation of maps. But we have not forgotten about old maps and the need for continual work and rebalance.

Regarding the sensitive nature of vehicle rebalances, there is nothing final to share yet. But there will be details in the coming few months.

Are there any new tanks to look out for?

The new line of Japanese heavy tanks under development will be very different from the current line Japanese Heavy tank line ending in the Type 5.

The new tanks will combine mobility and protection and feature adjustable hydropneumatics suspension on the high-tier vehicles. More importantly, they will be equipped with a cool new gun mechanic.

We'd like to hear from you! Your input is crucial as World of Tanks continues to evolve, so please feel free to leave any suggestions or questions!