Ranked Battles: Frequently Asked Questions

Tank Commanders!

Stage 1 of the Ranked Battles Beta Season has ended, and it’s time to see how you fared in the first round of battles! Only the best of the best were able to make it to the top of the ladder, and here they are…

Did you see your name up there? If you didn’t, fret not – Stage 2 begins today and ends on 26 June 2017 at 06:00 UTC +8, so you’ll have plenty of chances to re-join the fray and get ready to rank up!

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Want to find out more? Here are the answers to some of the most pressing questions we’ve received from our players thus far.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I lose all my Stage 1 progress when Stage 2 began?

All rank achievements reset after each Stage; this means that everyone will start each new Stage with no rank. However, the Rank Points earned from the ranking you’ve obtained in each Stage are stored until the end of the Season. These Rank Points will count toward your position on the Season Leaders list.

Put simply, you haven’t lost your Stage 1 progress at all – you’ve merely taken another step towards Ranked Battle greatness. And the race has only just begun!

Will I receive Rank Points in Stage 2 for levelling through the ranks I previously achieved in Stage 1?

Absolutely. Since all rank achievements will be reset in Stage 2, you can earn Rank Points all over again. It’s a fresh start for everybody!

I was in League I on the Season Leaders board for Stage 1. When will I receive my Season rewards?

You will receive Season rewards (for League I, II, and III) only after the end of the Season.

How come I only received 400 bonds for reaching Rank 4? Shouldn’t I get 1000 bonds?

The rewards in bonds are awarded according to the maximum rank you have achieved during each Stage, rather than for each individual rank. You may check the handy reference chart below to find out what rewards await you at the end of each Stage.

I was on the Season Leaders list in Stage 1. Why am I no longer on the list in Stage 2?

The number of Rank Points required to stay on the Season Leaders board will increase with each successive Stage. 

  • Stage 1: 2 Rank Points
  • Stage 2: 4 Rank Points
  • Stage 3: 8 Rank Points
  • Stage 4: 12 Rank Points

So in order to join/stay in the ranks of the Season Leaders in Stage 2, you will need to have earned a total of 6 Rank Points across Stage 1 and 2.

The number of required Rank Points for each Stage may differ from region to region.

I was in League I during Stage 1, but I have now been demoted to League III. What happened?

In each Stage, the League you are in is determined by your standing (in terms of percentile rank) among all the players who made it to Season Leaders.

As more Rank Points are required to maintain a position on the Season Leaders board in Stage 2, some players may not have been able to continue to qualify for Season Leaders. Therefore, if the total number of players in Season Leaders has decreased in Stage 2, it is possible that your percentile rank has also fallen.

Thanks for reading, and all the best on the battlefield!