Earn Brand-New Decals and Show the World Your Battle Prowess

Tank Commanders!

You’ve played thousands of epic battles in World of Tanks and researched dozens of great vehicles. On top of that, you’ve repeatedly demonstrated on the battlefield that you're a force to be reckoned with. But so far, you haven’t had many opportunities to earn special marks of glory that visually proclaim your battle prowess to all. It’s time to show the world what you’re worth!

In Update 1.9.1, we’re adding brand-new progressive customization decals for almost all existing styles. These are not only fresh customization elements but also badges of skill and perseverance that let others know you fight with honor and courage. They instill fear in the enemy ranks and show your allies who they can rely on in battle.

Showcase Your Mastery

To earn these brand-new decals, keep playing Random Battles after Update 1.9.1 goes live. You will need to fulfill certain battle conditions using specific vehicles. In total, there are five different sets of such conditions, each with 3 or 5 levels of increasing difficulty. Each set rewards you with one progressive customization decal that has 3 or 5 different levels.

  • Reaper: Destroy a certain number of enemy vehicles (5 levels of difficulty).
  • Sharp Sword: Earn a number of Top Gun and High Caliber achievements (3 levels of difficulty).
  • Stand as One: Earn a number of Brothers in Arms and Crucial Contribution achievements (3 levels of difficulty).
  • Tank Ace: Earn a number of Ace Tanker Mastery Badges (3 levels of difficulty).
  • Battle-Hardened: Play a certain number of battles in the same vehicle (5 levels of difficulty).

By achieving certain level conditions in Random Battles, your decal’s level automatically increases and its appearance will change. After the battle, you will receive a notification of your latest achievement in the Garage.

Applying Progressive Decals

You can interact with progressive customization decals as if they were any other decal in the game. But unlike the "regular" ones, these can be applied to most custom looks, including 3D styles, with the exception of the following "partner" vehicles that have unmodifiable custom looks.

Partner Vehicles


A special filter in the decal selector can be used to sort for progressive customization decals. All progressive decals will be tied to the vehicles they were applied to, and their progression will only count for these specific tanks.

Progressive customization decals won't be available for the following vehicles with unmodifiable custom looks.

The decals of all previous levels will remain available and you can apply them manually via the decal menu.

Players can get their first progressive decal for free. All additional decals will be available for gold in the game client. You can apply several progressive decals of different levels and sets to your vehicles.

Show Them You Mean Business

The appearance of progressive customization decals is exclusive to World of Tanks, and they are noticeably different from "regular" decals. Bright and vibrant colors, volumetric effects, spectacular glow in the sunshine... Because of all this, your vehicles will stand out even in the most motley of crowds. The top-level decals look especially cool and are sure to elicit envy in other Commanders.

It's time to show the world how good you are in World of Tanks! Play hard, fight even harder, and make your allies and enemies recognise your impressive battle achievements!