The Primo Victoria

Tank Commanders,

A very special tank from Sweden is rolling into World of Tanks! Welcome the Primo Victoria!

Named after the song by Swedish power metal band Sabaton, this vehicle is the result of a special collaboration with the band. It is an Strv 81with several unique features.

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Special Crew

The Primo Victoria is equipped with the members of the band Sabaton, who were baptised by the overwhelming roar of power metal. Right here and right now, they are ready to roll a heated battle that is worth to remember.

Each crew member comes with a unique Band of Brothers perk, which works similarly to the Brothers in Arms perk.

Check out the special crew voices, here!

Joakim Brodén
Sabaton's lead singer and a fearless Commander who can deflect any shell with his armored vest.
Hannes Van Dahl
Sabaton's drummer. Keeps the beat on stage and beats the enemy on the battlefield.
Chris Rörland
Sabaton's veteran guitar player. Likes power chords and the powerful roar of a tank’s engine.
Pär Sundström
Radio Operator
Sabaton's jack of all trades—the founder, backing vocalist, and manager of the band.
Tommy Johansson
Sabaton's guitar player. He’s a sturdy type of guy, that’s why he's been designated the Loader.

Hit Points and Armour

This vehicle features a turret with reliable armour: 254 millimetres of steel! In addition, its decent elevation/depression angles allow you to keep the vehicle's hull safe on the back side of hills.

It has a pool of 1,450 hit points, which will allow you to survive in battle for a long time, provided you make the best of the vehicle's advantages... If used correctly, Primo Victoria can sustainably deal damage throughout a battle!


Primo Victoria's main gun has high accuracy, penetration, and rate of fire. The gun has excellent aiming parameters, and thanks to the high penetration of the standard shell, this vehicle can effectively compete against higher-tier vehicles. 

Its firepower and mobility make the Primo Victoria the perfect sniper or fire support tank. One of the best ways to use this vehicle is to engage in combat at medium to long distances.

View Range

The vehicle demonstrates the best view range amongst all medium Premium Tanks: it enables you to spot and attack enemy vehicles first, demonstrating your firepower at long range!

Unique Exterior

This mighty vehicle looks really cool. It sports stylish camouflage, decorative moulding on a vehicle's armour and a set of musical instruments for the whole band. Lock and load, through the gates of Random Battles!

Of course, the vehicle's unique exterior does not only make it just another sassy vehicle in your Garage, but also increases your concealment on all types of maps.

Check out the vehicle's characteristics and screenshots below.

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