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Premium Tanks: New Features Added [Updated]

World of Tanks is a game where victory vastly depends on player skills and mastery. Wargaming pursues preservation of this principle at all costs. One of the initial steps was the transition from a free-to-play concept into an innovative free-to-win model, conditioned by the feedback from our playing community.

Premium vehicles here offer a somewhat more comfortable gameplay (battle levels, income). Our mission to make any of such premium vehicles purchasable with gold begins with selecting them individually from nation origin, tier, and type. For a more rewarding gameplay on premium vehicles, we’re going to issue a special micro-patch to be applied on our servers on September, 12th.

Note: Premium vehicles do not provide any obvious advantages on battlefield – they still may be conquered only by the most skillful of tank commanders.

More details about the upcoming changes

After the update, all premium/gift vehicles will obtain some new features. They will also affect tanks rewarded during the first and second campaigns on global map. Currently, all these vehicles are known for the following:

  • unique modules that cannot be researched;
  • increased income for battles;
  • «Elite» status allowing conversion of undistributed experience into free experience;
  • crews transfers from similar vehicle types to these vehicles without any fines in case when the respective crew was not retrained;
  • possibility of enabling accelerated crew training right from the first battle.

After the update premium/gift vehicles will get the following bonuses:

  • Additional 50% bonus for crew experience. This will boost their training rate and allow them to reach new perks and skills faster;
  • Increased coefficient for battle experience. The lower the tier of the premium vehicle, the higher this parameter will be. Here we considered the number of low tier vehicles, currently present in players’ hangars and their insufficient popularity in battles.

Note: You will need approximately 210 000 XP to completely research the 1st Skill, approximately 630 000 XP in order to completely research 1st Skill + 2nd Skill, and approximately 1 470 000 XP to completely research 1st Skill + 2nd Skill + 3rd Skill.












This calculation assumes:

  • An average amount of Crew XP received on the relevant tiers of premium vehicles.
  • Primary skill was already completely researched.
  • Accelerated Crew Training is switched off.
  • The respective crew member was not injured when battles were finished.
  • The skills are being researched in case when commander doesn't have 'Mentor' perk.



  • The battle experience bonus does not affect the average experience of the tank e.g. for the Hall of Fame.

  • In the battle results window, the battle experience bonus will be displayed in a separate row, as if it were a mission.