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[Premium Shop] Collector's Gem of the Week: KV-220

Tank Commanders!

This week's Collector's Gem is the KV-220, a Tier V Heavy Tank. Many a tank commander has made an about-turn immediately upon seeing the silhouette of this vehicle on the horizon, and for good reason. Just like the rest of the KV family, it's tough, it's strong, and it won't budge even if you ask nicely.

Historically, the KV-220 was an experimental vehicle developed during the spring and summer of 1940. It boasted thick armour, a new turret, and a powerful 85mm gun. The only known prototype was withdrawn from production due to a catastrophic engine failure. However, that was not the end -- its engine was later replaced, and it moved once again during further testing. Unfortunately, this model never entered mass production due to further complications arising from its increased weight and size. It was longer than the rest of its siblings, and it weighed more than 60 tons, as compared to the other KV tanks, which generally weighed 40 to 50 tons. This made its movement slow and ungainly, and placed heavy stress on its moving parts. All these reasons made it impractical to mass-produce and field the KV-220.

This vehicle will be available in the Premium Shop from from 23rd October 2015 to 26th October 2015 in a special weekly bundle, which includes 11,000 , a free garage slot, and the vehicle itself.

Collector's Gem of the Week: KV-220

Sale Start: 23 October, 2015 (Friday) @ 1400 UTC +8 (06:00 UTC)

Sale End: 26 October, 2015 (Monday) @ 14:00 UTC +8 (06:00 UTC)




Package Name
Collector's Gem of the Week


Package Contents

 Garage Slot

Value in Gold

USD 51.96

Tank commanders, if you seek to enter the thick of battle and live to tell the tale, the KV-220 will serve you well.

It has excellent armour, and its weak spots are difficult for opponents to target and attack with consistency. Combined with its large hitpoints pool, it is highly likely that you will be the last tank standing in any prolonged engagement. That said, don't get careless. The KV-220 is a huge and inviting target for enemy artillery.

Commanders who wish to use the KV-220 must angle its armour well to reduce the likelihood of penetration by incoming fire. If positioned well, the KV-220 can hold up enemy advances all by itself. When angled well, there are few tanks in Tier V that can really threaten it. However, beware its low view and signal ranges, as well as the less-than-ideal performance of its main gun.

If you like being able to take punishment while dishing out fair amounts of your own, or turning your vehicle into an unstoppable battering ram, you'll want to get the KV-220.

Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their players. Buy yours today!


  • Good armor all around
  • Large HP pool
  • Weak spots on turret are hard to penetrate reliably
  • Preferential matchmaking (tier 6 max, no tier 7 battles)


  • Slow speed, turning rate, and acceleration (although no worse than others in the KV line)
  • High aim time, low penetration, low alpha, somewhat long reload (4 seconds)
  • Poor view range
  • Poor signal range
  • Weak turret cheeks