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[Poll Results] The Future of WoT Maps

Tank Commanders,

Thank you for your valued feedback in our recent polls and forum discussions on "The Future of WOT Maps". The original post has also been updated with poll statistics and can be located here.

You speak, and we listen. We understand that map variety is important to you, so we've decided to take the following steps:

  • The Stalingrad and Kharkov maps will be reworked, but will remain in the game until they are replaced.
  • The probability of the Kharkov map appearing will be greatly decreased to match the probability of getting Stalingrad, which we reduced earlier based on your previous feedback.
  • Map selection restrictions placed on lower-tiered tanks (Battle Tiers 4+) will also be altered to provide you with a wider range of maps on which you can use your favourite lower-tiered tanks.
  • These changes have been implemented as of 05:00 UTC+8 (19 February 2016), when a micropatch was applied. 

We hope you continue to enjoy your WOT experience in the future, and we will continue to make improvements to ensure that you do.

Roll out!