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The Player Induction Program has launched!

Tank Commanders!

We're excited to announce that the Player Induction Program is now available to all newcomers! If you are intending to sign up with a new account, or have a friend that is intending to join you in your battles, now is the perfect time to do so!

Introducing the Player Induction Program

The Player Induction Program combines a walkthrough tutorial with a special set of missions to guide all new players through their first few hours in World of Tanks. In two pages, the Program offers:

    • 10 sections filled with information to explain the key aspects of the game
    • Basic descriptions, enough for any new player to easily understand each gameplay element
    • Screenshots to illustrate examples and actions in the tutorial
    • Easy-to-navigate sidebar menu that allows readers to jump straight to the most important sections
    • A wide variety of in-game missions to complete
    • Mission rewards that give players the opportunity to experience new features for themselves
    • EXP boost for new players to make their way up the Tech Tree quickly

FREE! T-127 tank for all October signups

As an added bonus to all new players that are registering this month, we're offering a rare limited-time bonus: Every new account registered in the month of October will receive a free Tier III T-127 Soviet light tank instantly!


So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and take part in the Player Induction Program!


Read the Player Induction Walkthrough here

View the Player Induction Program missions