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Playing Football with World of Tanks!

General News
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Dear football fans and players of WoT!

As announced before, we will introduce a new mode into our game on June 13th that is dedicated to the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil — “World of Tanks Football Battles”. From now on, you may spare some time playing it and have fun, while waiting for matches for your favourite teams!

All you need to do is to select Т-62А SPORT* and hit “Battle!” button. You’ll be prompted to the football field arranged right on Central Square of “Himmelsdorf”.

Similar to real football, this mode has certain rules and peculiarities that you should know:

* Т-62А SPORT will be credited to players on June 13th 09:00 UTC+8 (01:00 UTC).

If you are in a battle during crediting of tank, the tank will be credited after the battle ends.

The tank will be credited immediately if you are in the garage.

You need to login into the server during the event period to receive the tank. It will appear automatically in your garage.

Т-62А SPORТ is designed exclusively for “World of Tanks soccer battles” game mode. It may not be sold, and will be withdrawn automatically.

  • The purpose here is pretty clear – score some goals playing against the enemy team. This may be done by either moving a ball with your hull, or directing it by shooting. Goals are scored once the ball crosses the line; autogoals are also accounted for. After a goal, the ball is teleported to the middle of the field.
  • Game is performed in a 3 vs 3 line-up. The teams may be arranged from either random players or platoons (no less than 3 members in a platoon). Moreover, in this mode, platoons may encounter only platoons.
  • Every tank is given 1000 free HE shells.
  • Game limit – 7 minutes / 3 goals scored (whichever occurs first).
  • Т-62А SPORT tanks are invincible. You cannot destroy them, or incapacitate the crew members. Nevertheless, you may interfere their actions by damaging tracks via shooting or ramming, thus temporarily immobilizing your opponents. Deploy savvy tactics to outplay your opponents!

Victors of the first series will be awarded with a commemorative medal “Football Player - 2014”:

Playing football is not only fun, but may also be quite profitable — participation in combat missions will grant you various awards:

  • Enhanced gun laying drive is rewarded for 50 victories (awarded once per account) + 500 EXP for participation in battle
  • + extra 500 EXP for victory

All experience gained on Т-62А SPORT will be transferred to the MS-1 once the mode is disabled, regardless of whether the MS-1 tank is present in your garage at the conclusion of Football Battles.