Onslaught Season of the Azure Pegasus: Mid-Season Update


We have been closely monitoring the latest season of Onslaught. Many of you have already started the journey through our competitive game mode, and there is still plenty of time left to become a legend. However, we noticed minor issues that need adjustments to improve the experience for everyone.

The mid-season patch will affect the following features:

Changes to Vehicle Role Skills

Role Skills are a crucial aspect of the game mode and greatly influence the vehicles used in battles. Based on our observations, adjustments are necessary to weaken some more popular choices and strengthen the less utilized ones to create a more diverse range of vehicles and tactics.

The following vehicle skills received an update:

  • Medium Tanks
  • Tank Destroyers


Assault Medium Tanks now look too effective in a situation where they manage to force a close-range battle, leaving virtually no chance for their opponents. Reducing the gun reload bonus at level 3 and shortening the skill's duration should cool them down a bit.

  • Gun reload bonus was reduced from 25/30/40 to 25/30/35%.
  • Duration of the skill was reduced from 15 to 12 seconds.

Assault Medium Tanks


We would like to see more vehicles in the role of Versatile Medium Tanks in battles, given the bonuses they provide to the team.

Bonus to the crew major qualification level was increased from 15/25/35 to 17.5/30/42.5%.

Versatile Medium Tanks

Fire Cover

The role of Sniper Medium Tanks is now particularly popular for capturing points of interest, but after they are in no hurry to return to the team. Reducing the amount of damage they deal from a distance should encourage them to be more active in battles.

  • The stun time was reduced from 0/6/10 to 0/6/8 seconds.
  • The damage was reduced from 75/150/250 to 70/135/225 HP.

Sniper Medium Tanks

Second Wind

Support tank destroyers finally received their share of attention, albeit through being included in list of rental vehicles. Even in the hands of not the most experienced player, however, these vehicles turn out to be quite effective, and therefore their role skill is more demanding in terms of activation time.

  • The duration of the "Acceleration" part was reduced from 8 to 6 seconds.
  • The amount of hit points restored was reduced from 150 + 35/65/85% to 75 + 35/65/85%.

Support Tank Destroyers

Straight Ahead

Certain vehicles in the role of Assault Tank Destroyers were weakened in the recent update, which naturally affected the effectiveness of the mode. We strengthened their role skill in the following ways:

  • Engine power bonus was increased from 25 to 30%.
  • Bonus to module repair speed was increased from 15 to 30%.
  • The reload time reduction when receiving a shot was increased from 4 to 5 seconds.

Assault Tank Destroyers

Minor Adjustments to the Prestige Points System

We continue to closely monitor your feedback regarding the operation of this system, while simultaneously making small adjustments to the logic of its operation. This update aims to increase the value of player damage by reallocating points from categories such as blocked damage and HP loss.

  • Changes were made to the system for accruing prestige points.

Changes to Rating Points Distribution

This season, a fairly large number of changes were made to the rating system of the mode - the appearance of qualifications, changes in the number of ranks and divisions, changes in the size of divisions, etc.

Taking into account the information collected and based on the results of the first three weeks, we decided to make a set of small changes to the logic for accruing and losing rating points.

  • Changes have been made to the rating point system.

Changes to the Rules for Forming Platoons

We are increasingly seeing cases of high-ranking players abusing the super platoon system to earn rating points, so we are reinstating the cap on the maximum rating difference between players. The change should not affect a large number of players, but at the same time it will complicate such fraud.

  • The maximum rating difference between super platoon players is now 1,500 rating points.

We are sure these updates will improve the experience for everyone participating in the Season of the Azure Pegasus. There is still plenty of time to climb the ranks and earn fantastic rewards before Onslaught ends.

Good luck and Roll Out!