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So, tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What clan are you in? How long have you been a Community Contributor?

I'm iguru (like iPhone, it was cool in 2012). I'm better recognized by my online moniker DatBoyGuru that I use throughout my socials. I've been CC for 11 months and have been making YouTube videos since 2015. I'm from Kuala Lumpur and I play with clan FORTRESS.

I've played all 12 seasons of Clan Wars with all the best clans and participated in WGL and ESL too. I like joining non-english speaking clans, it helps me learn something about people different from me.

What are your top three favourite tanks and why?

AMX 1357, LT-432 and T44-100 in that order. I enjoy playing with mobile tanks that can abuse the View Range and Camouflage mechanic.

I do play all classes of tanks(210 in garage).The only tanks I avoid are non-turreted tanks although I'm thinking about picking up the Foch B for the memes.

How often do you usually stream/post videos, and what does your content usually focus on?

I try to post 2 to 3 videos a week. I try to share hacks and how-to's. I particularly enjoy making Reaction Videos, usually first games on a new tank. I want viewers to have a realistic 'feel' of new tanks in their consideration. My most popular series is the Frontline: How to make General videos.

I would like to stream on Twitch in the future once I can commit to a regular schedule.

What's the single best tip you could give someone trying to improve at World of Tanks?

Keep one eye on the map.

All the best players develop this ability to react quickly to the movements on the map. If I can offer a 2nd tip I'd say go play with players better than you. Once you are good, go play with players not as good as you.

What's the best tip you could give someone trying to improve their content creation?

Be unique, be consistent, be yourself.

I might not be the best person to give this advice as I too am learning and trying to grow my own content. I use these guiding rules and hope viewers can pick up on my honest opinions and appreciate them for what they are.

Please drop by and say hello in the comments section [in iguru's Youtube channel]!

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