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New Version of World of Tanks Assistant Available for Windows Phone

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Tank Commanders!

Have you gotten the official World of Tanks Assistant app for your Windows phone yet? Now's one of the best times to do so! The app has undergone some major changes to help World of Tanks players be in touch with the game - anywhere, anytime on the go. Head over to the Windows Store to download this pocket helper to provide you with fresh information from the fields of World of Tanks.

Here are the key features of the app:



Vital intelligence at your fingertips

You can access detailed statistics of your battle performance and get an in-depth view of the tanks from your garage. Details of all clans can also be explored. If you're already in a clan, Treasury data is available for clan members.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer...

Compare your progress, achievements, and vehicle stats with others. You can follow the latest news too. Stay in touch with the latest announcements, Premium Shop specials, and more!

Tankopedia: Vehicle stats at a glance

There's no more need to keep multiple WoT portal bookmarks in your browser. No matter where you are, you can always load the information of any tank you require. This update version includes all key characteristics in basic, custom, and maximum configurations. You can also view your friends' and clan mates' ratings on a selected tank and more.


What’s New?

  • View vehicle characteristics in basic, custom, and maximum configuration.
  • See your friends' and clan mates' ratings on a selected vehicle.
  • Filter through your vehicles with a range of available options.


Visit the World of Tanks Assistant page for more information!

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