New ANZ Community Contributor Announcement!

It is our absolute pleasure to welcome two new community members to the WoT Community Contributor Program, as well as cementing the places of two additional CC’s in the program after a successful trial!

First up, a huge congratulations to RaktajinoGaming and cjhunt on joining the CC Program! Please check out their channels below to wish them a warm welcome and get across the incredible content they’ve been putting out for World of Tanks already!





We are also extremely excited to announce that 9_9_destroyer and wasaabi have been officially confirmed as World of Tanks ANZ CCs after a fantastic few months. 9_9 has been jumping head first into Tanks.TV and creating some incredible content, while wasaabi has put out lots of great videos on his YouTube channel in addition to joining a few of our shows.

If you aren't already subscribed to them, be sure to check out their channels!


And as always, you can find our incredible list of Community Contributors here to get your dose of daily World of Tanks content from across the internet.

If you’re a community member who makes some great content and are from either Australia or New Zealand, please feel free to apply for the CC Program!

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