New ANZ Community Contributors Announcement

It is our absolute pleasure to announce and introduce our three new ANZ Community Contributors joining the CC 2.0 from today! Some names you might know, some names you might not! Check out their channels below as well as a brief introduction of themselves and their content.


G’day! My name is 9_9_destroyer and I've been playing World of Tanks since 2014. I love playing with a whole variety of different tanks, but I have always had a soft spot for hard-hitting guns and derp cannons. I've been creating content for about a year on Twitch recently, I have been creating cool gun sync videos on YouTube. My content is focused around having fun, engaging with my community and having a great laugh in general. Super excited to be joining the CC program and can't wait to start bringing my content to you all in the ANZ Community.



Hiya! I'm Rigid! I’m from rural Western Australia and love to stream! I've been streaming since March and I love tanks, cars, history and Formula One Racing! I have been playing World Of Tanks on the Asia server since 2014 and have a great time playing my favourite class, Medium Tanks! I've labelled myself the Camo Hat Gamer and love a good chat on stream or platoon with the viewers. I am quite accepting to everybody on the stream as I am also Transgender (Male to Female). I feel honoured to be a part of the team and I’m sure the fails will continue to roll in on my stream!

Wasaabi (Bad@Tanking)

Hey there! My name is wasaabi and I've been playing World of Tanks for 8 years. My favourite tanks are mid-tier where I can use my knowledge of the game to get results out of different types of tanks. I've been creating content for 3 years on YouTube where I have decided to focus on content to explain the game to newer players. I'm still relatively new at using these digital mediums to communicate and always ready to improve. I'm really excited to be joining the CC program and can't wait to start bringing my content to you all in the ANZ Community


Are you interested in the ANZ World of Tanks Community Contributor Program? For more information please check out our portal article hereIf you like what you see, feel free to apply below (AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND ONLY!)