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Moon Mayhem: Wargaming to Launch Own Space Program

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Wargaming announced the launch of its own space program elaborated for the next 25 years. One of the leading online-gaming developers in the world plans to establish its representative office on the Moon by 2041. Business interest of the company stems from analysis of the current gaming market and long-term demographic projections.

According to forecasts of the American Institute of Demography and Saprophagy, by 2020 population of the Earth will exceed 10 billion people, As we speak, the largest nations in the world are actively scrutinizing possibilities of relocating parts of their populations to the Moon and Mars. Wargaming sees such intentions as a significant strategic opportunity, since we strive to be wherever our potential players are. We believe that now is the best time to start preparing for the future.

- Maxim Chuvarov, head of the Wargaming Space Program Development

The first step on the road to space was acquisition of the controlling interest in the dark side of the moon. These shares were previously owned by the infamous media holding JOKE Media known for putting a lot of effort into developing a technology for projecting advertisements onto the surface of the Earth’s satellite.

Currently Wargaming’s experts work on the second preparative stage of the space program. Its aim is to examine gamers’ feedback on the promising genre of space tank battles and predict player’s behavior in Moon gravity conditions.

To conduct this scientific experiment, several dozens of spherical tanks designed by B. Mykov were recreated and dropped onto the Moon surface. All vehicles are controlled remotely. As part of the scientific experiment scheduled for 1 April, World of Tanks players will decide the outcome of the space initiative using the familiar World of Tanks interface. A spherical tank can be controlled by just about anyone! All you need to do is to log into the game, select the special mode, and click the Battle! button.

Note: The experiment will end on 5 April.

Let us recall that the spherical tank designed by B. Mykov was one of the numerous monocycle tank projects. Its draft design was prepared by 1 April, 1942. General concept of the vehicle included many unique technical solutions: separation of the engine into two parts and its relocation to the aft of the vehicle (the latter was later abandoned after tests in the wind tunnel).

Such arrangement significantly improved vehicle’s steadiness in liquid vacuum and increased the interior volume of the fighting compartment. However, the project did not spark the interest of the Main Agency of Automobiles and Tanks of the Red Army, and work on the project was put to a halt. Blueprints of the tank were stored in the main archive of the Russian Ministry of All-Round Defense for a long time and have recently been provided to Wargaming engineers on a pro-bono basis.