The New Alpha in Town: Meet the Object 430U

The common test for Update 9.22 is going full speed, and it’s a great chance to get hold of enhancements to the Soviet line of medium tanks—the A-44 line, to be exact. This is where we’re preparing a few shifts and one important addition that you’ve probably seen in our USSR Tree Revision article.

Reshaping the Object

The Object 430 has always been a decent Tier X medium tank. It had what it takes to become a popular choice for those who opt for close-range fights, as opposed to sniping out rivals or assisting frontline folks from midrange.

But the Object never managed to become as successful among players, as the T-62A and Object 140. The 430’s specs have always been very similar to those of his “elder brothers," making it just a copy of renowned models. There’s more: to reach it, you had to go through a few machines with rear-mounted turrets and a completely different playstyle, forcing you to eventually throw away that experience gained at tiers VII–IX.

With an excellent gun, mobility, and view range, it’s still a good choice if you want to lock horns with an enemy. It even has decent armor for a medium tank, but it lacks something that could make it a fun-to-play machine—character. That’s why it’s not often you notice it on the battlefield.

Here’s how we want to fix it.

First and foremost, we’re moving the 430 to the Tier IX of the classic-layout line, where it becomes the successor to the T-44. Second, since the T-44 already has the mighty 122mm gun, starting from Update 9.22 this tank will pave the way for a new line of Soviet machines—medium assault tanks with frightening alpha.

With these changes made, the A-44 line will remain without a top-tier tank for now. There is an option we’re considering at the moment, but we want to make sure the tank fits the role well enough, so please expect some testing to unfold before hearing from us on the approved candidate. So, if you’re planning to explore the top vehicle from the A-44 line, it might make sense to keep the XP points amassed on the Object 430 II until we introduce it to the tech tree. On the other hand, getting the 430 before 9.22’s release can save you time on your way to the 430U.

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Average Damage
440/440/530 HP
Turret Armor
300/195/65 mm
Average Damage per Minute
2,587 HP/min
Commander (Radio Operator) / Loader / Gunner / Driver
Average Damage
440/440/530 HP
Average Penetration
252/340/68 mm
Dispersion at 100 m
0.4 m
Aiming Time
2.3 s
Average Damage per Minute
2,587 HP/min
Rate of Fire
5.88 rounds/min
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles
Turret Traverse Speed
38 deg/s
Signal Range
730 m
View Range
400 m
Hit Points
2,000 HP
Load Limit
45 t
Ammo Capacity
50 psc
Engine Power
600 hp
Specific Power
14.29 hp/t
Traverse Speed
52 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
50/18 km/h
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So, there’s a new sheriff in town. What’s up with the specs?


As we’ve said before, the main goal is to emphasize the line’s role as assault vehicles. To reach that, both the 430 and the 430U will get a 122mm gun. Face the 430U in combat and brace yourself for a mean slap from that 122mm damage dealer, as the gun whips out a massive 440 points per shot from your health bar. In a battle of MT platoons, this can become the most compelling of arguments, so it’s better to have it among your teammates. As an inevitable drawback, reloading takes considerably more time. Not a feature you would expect from a Soviet medium, but that’s a fair price to pay for the firepower.


The effective thickness of the upper front plate reaches as much as 320mm. The turret’s “forehead” gets even more with up to 380mm. There are hatches, of course, but they are well-armored, as well, so your input can be more than valuable for your team, if you position the tank well. You’ll have to think twice before turning superhero against enemy tank destroyers or heavies (especially if you leave your thick lower front plate open, which is only 180mm in effective armor), but battling against “classmates” can leave you pretty confident. And don’t forget about the 60mm side armor that allows you to tease opponents by unveiling your hull under sharp angles.


With a top speed of 50 km/h, the Object 430U is not the fastest tank in the roster. However, this average number is compensated by good acceleration and low speed loss under active maneuvering. The available dynamics are enough not to lag behind the pack. When it finally gets to action, the tank’s ability to move really turns its performance into a waltz of destruction.

View range

The base view range is 400 meters. Not the best value, but still enough to deal those massive shots. The 430U is an assault vehicle, so it’s all about finding your way around in the heat of close combat.   

How to Play

Use your mobility to make the most of your alpha power and armor.

Don’t rely on the gun’s accuracy. Cut the distance, make sure you're close enough to hit enemy weak spots and proceed to wreak havoc.

Be a team player. Going head-to-head against a same-tier medium tank can cause you trouble due to lower DPM values. Your best option is to help lead the charge with teammates.

As always, we’ll be looking at your feedback and tweaking things going forward, so head to the forums and keep letting us know what you think.