Compensation for Maneuvers Issue: Days of WoT Premium Account for Everyone


As stated in the Maneuvers announcement article, we offer 3 days of World of Tanks Premium Account as compensation for the ongoing issues. This will be granted to every player, regardless of their participation in the clan event.

Make sure to log in during the next 7 days to automatically receive the Premium days!

Original Notification published March 13:

Over the past three days, many participants in the Maneuvers event have encountered difficulties accessing battles and progressing through events. We've diligently worked to address these technical challenges stemming from our transition to new technology for this event, which have now been identified. To be transparent, we cannot provide a guarantee that the issues will not resurface. Yet, we can assure you that we are dedicated to closely monitoring the situation and taking appropriate action as needed.

We understand that those affected may have fallen behind their fellow participants, impacting their chances of obtaining a reward vehicle. In response, we've decided to increase the number of reward vehicles available to 1,100 for the leaderboard and 350 for the auction.

Acknowledging the inconvenience experienced by our broader player community, and for the next 7 days following this announcement, all players logging in across all regions will receive a complimentary 3 Days of Premium Account.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding as we strive to improve the gaming experience for all.