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KV-1 Restoration: A Legend Comes Back To Life!

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Tank Commanders!

The KV-1 is an iconic Soviet tank of World War II. In November of 2015, the partially intact husk of a KV-1 destroyed during World War II were discovered and salvaged from a bog in the Vitebsk region of Belarus. 

From the parts that remained intact, we were able to trace the entire history of this particular vehicle. Over the past several months, Wargaming and The Historical Complex Stalin Line have been busy at work restoring it to full working order! 

This project is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Krasnogvardeysk, during which Colonel Zinoviy Kolobanov and his crew - in a single KV-1 - knocked out 22 German tanks by themselves. This feat also has a place in World of Tanks in the form of the epic Kolobanov's Medal. The restored KV-1 is now part of the museum's vehicle collection, and will participate in historical re-enactments.

Watch the video above to learn how each step of the restoration was done, and why!

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