Featured ANZ Twitch Partner - KidKerrigan

Let us introduce you to KidKerrigan, our next featured ANZ Twitch Partner who will be checking out some World of Tanks! Catch her streams tomorrow the 26th, and the following day, the 27th from 11AM AEDT! We asked Kerri some questions so you can get to know a bit about her!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is KidKerrigan (but I usually go by "Kerri" to keep it simple!) I'm currently a full-time content creator, but I tend to focus on games or topics I enjoy! I'm also an aspiring voice actor and tend to weave that throughout my content from alerts, to dramatic in-game text reading. I mostly game, but I'll generally focus my content on things that I can't get enough of in that moment. I've been gaming my whole life and my interests have always shifted, so I embrace having the opportunity to learn new things from a board range of experiences. It may seem a little erratic for pursuing a line of work where "consistency is king," but life is too short to "grind" and not love every moment of what you're doing!

What got you into Twitch streaming and what do you enjoy the most about it?

I've always been a gamer, quite introverted and shy, so I started casting as a way to meet new people, force myself out of my shell and practice socialising. I wasn’t always a great conversationalist, but making a conscious effort while producing fun content has helped me relate to people much better. I've overcome insecurities and developed soft skills which help me new friends, network and build on those relationships. I love meeting new people are learning about their experiences.

How do you make your stream stand out?

I'm probably too honest about a lot of things! For example, how I feel about the games I'm playing, products I'm using, or people that I interact with. Relationships with an audience or my brand partners are more valuable if I'm upfront about those things, and we can bond on similarities we have while celebrating our differences. My "performance" on screen or public events is a more energetic version of myself (being an introvert means I have to "recuperate" often), but still completely me. I save acting for the entertainment, not for interacting with people!

How have you found interacting with the broader Twitch Community?

Communities can definitely change depending on the game, but also mostly how creators engage with them. It's common to have new people approach the channel with the intention of "testing the waters" by trolling, so I consider that when engaging someone new in chat. The demographics of various games or genres are definitely reflected in the community that you will ultimately interact with. It's how you engage back that really sets the stage for how that relationship will be established. On the other hand, I generally have really wonderful experiences with my peers in the space. Having face time with other creators at events, particularly while traveling is nice to get to know my peers and their character on a personal level.

What do you find most challenging about streaming a game for the first time?

Being okay with not having any idea what I'm doing! I used to get quite annoyed with people backseat gaming, as most streamers do. But now I deeply value people going out of their way to help guide me or give me tips. If I already know what they're trying to tell me, that's okay! Not everyone who is in my channel at any given time knows who I am, or what my capabilities are. It's a chance for us to explore the game together and ultimately become friends.

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