Featured Community Contributor - Assassn Gallic

So, tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What clan are you in? How long have you been a Community Contributor?

I'm Assassn Gallic, I also go by AG/Gallic. I'm Australian and spent most of my life on the Gold Coast with a bit of time down south near Sydney. I'm in -ONE- which is a diverse clan housing people from many different countries! I've been a community contributor for around (checks watch...) a year and 3-4 months at this point.

What are your top three favourite tanks and why?

Having spent around 5% of my games at one point and over 70 million credits in playing it the FV4005 makes the top of the list I loved the unique style of being up close and personal with it despite having cardboard for turret armour. Having 230mm of penetration at tier 10 isn't amazing but you can generally make it work, especially when you're hitting for 1750 on average! One of the best feelings is being able to take a blind shot at a bush and to completely kill someone who was never spotted, here's an example.

The T95/FV4201 Chieftain gets the best of the Super Conqueror with some additional speed and a better turret making this great to play in clan wars/advances, especially when the gun behaves! Having the speed to somewhat keep up with Soviet counterparts and having gun depression that'd make them wish the British would share makes it a pleasure to play and able to get where it needs to be.

Lastly, and pound for pound the best Tier VIII medium (in my opinion) is the Progetto mod. 35 46. It gets a unique blend of decent DPM/utility/speed and enough armour you generally won't be HE penned by other tanks. Being able to switch between dual shots on a target or going with all 3 to clip someone out completely, it lets you punish while taking minimal damage in return… There's a reason you see so many in Frontline!

How often do you usually stream/post videos, and what does your content usually focus on?

I stream 5 times a week (weekdays) and post YouTube videos from time to time but not on a schedule. My content for stream can vary, usually either grinding a tech tree line, attempting to mark favourite tanks or just grinding credits; two things are always on every stream however and that's request(s) for tanks for viewers in my channel and chill gameplay with lots of interaction, especially about plays that I'm making in-game or general shenanigans like this.

What's the single best tip you could give someone trying to improve at World of Tanks?

Don't die, it hurts your DPM. To expand a little on that, some positions require you to fully commit and can lead to early deaths if your gamble doesn't pay off, an example of this is the light tank/medium tank push to the hill on Mines. The above can pay off or it can backfire spectacularly, I tend to focus on early damage, trying to track the person pushing the hill on Mines if in a medium as an example, catching the crossing on some maps like Tundra or catching the people waiting for the crossing!

And what's the best tip you could give someone trying to improve their content creation?

If it's for Twitch make sure you have a headset with mic that's always on at a bare minimum and interact with your viewers. It's one of the main differences between Twitch and YouTube videos, it sounds easy but it's very easy for a viewer to notice a streamer who's putting in the effort to interact as much as they can and it's the best way you can compete with bigger streamers, they can't interact with everyone in their chat, but you can!

For YouTube, I would definitely say to focus on 2 things, thumbnail creation (making it look good and making sure it fits what your showing, not clickbait!) and being part of a community where you can share your content, you'll need to at the start to ever be seen, this doesn't mean post your content randomly, find a group that you can be a part of and eventually share it there, these will be your first views and help grow your base, from there as it gets better people just browsing YouTube will be able to find your content!

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