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[TW] JilsaBB streaming #7,time to challenge WG team in stronghold (9 Jan)

General News
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Tank Commanders!

JilsaBB, our resident charming lass in Wargaming will be streaming on 9th January 2015 (Friday) again. This time around, she's not only presenting the lastest WoT news, but she'll also be drafting a special WG team to challenge any and all players to some Strongholds skirmish battles!

And here's the good part: All challengers will get a prize for participating in this special event, whether they win or lose (the rules can be found here). If you'd like to join in, don't forget to join a skirmish battle during streaming time on Friday!


[TW] WG community sweetheart streaming #7 (chinese channel)

Sign in to Twitch and chat with Jilsa while watching the stream!

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 Or you can choose one of the links below for better stream experience :
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  2. Watch the stream on Youtube

Live Stream Details(9 Jan, 2015)

  • WG stronghold battles live (skirmish battles will start from 20:00 to 20:40 UTC+8)
  • eSPORTS news
  • WoT news (in-game specials, tanks)
  • Gift giveaways


Challenge the WG team in Strongholds battles!

If you're lucky enough to encounter the WG Clan team in Strongholds skirmish battles while we're streaming this Friday, each of your team members can get 1 day's worth of Premium time! And that's not all: if you and your team win the game, you can get an extra 200!

How to get the reward

To receive your reward, please upload 2 screenshots in this specific forum thread before 12th January 2015. The screenshots should contain:

  1. the battle start screen (The team’s IGNs must be shown clearly)
  2. the battle result screen (The exact results, opposing clan's name and time must be shown clearly)

Submit screenshots here

Additional Notes:
  1. The IGN displayed in the screenshots must be displayed clearly. If it cannot be identified easily, the screenshot will be invalid and cannot qualify.
  2. If your team encounters the WG Clan team more than once, we will base the results on the first battle. Additionally, your team may only receive the '1 day Premium time' reward once.
  3. Each team should assign a single representative to submit the results in specific forum thread.
  4. Wargaming Asia reserves the right to terminate the contest/event or change the prizes at any time without notice
  5. Wargaming Asia reserves the right to disqualify entries that:
    • contain obscene, offensive, or inappropriate content,
    • do not comply with the applicable contest/event rules,
    • seek to abuse the mechanics of the contest/event,
    • do not comply with local laws.


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