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Japanese Heavies: Gameplay Overview

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Tank Commanders,

It is often said that knowledge is power. This also applies in World of Tanks; only by understanding the traits of each tank can you fight effectively with or against it.

In this article, we bring you precious information about the new Japanese tanks which will arrive in Update 9.10. Read on and learn - you will soon be tested against them!

I-Go / Chi-Ro

This Japanese medium tank was produced at the beginning of the 1930s and served in the Imperial Japanese Army until the end of the Second World War. This tank possesses the highest alpha damage among other vehicles of the same tier, decent hit points pool and fair mobility. While in a battle with this vehicle, all fired rounds should be targeted solely at enemy weakspots, as that will maximise the main advantage of this vehicle – high one-shot damage.


Type 91

The only Tier III heavy tank in the game and the first Japanese heavy when it's introduced, the Type 91 has an excellent top gun, which translates to a high damage per minute (DPM) and excellent armor penetration values. This steel monster for beginners feels great in battles of all tiers, regardless of its position in the team list. Being in the top half of the list means it can safely take up point position in the battle - the performance characteristics of this vehicle will help to spearhead the team's assault force into a skirmish with a group of opposing tanks.

Type 95

The result of further development of the Type 91. It features the best armor, high one-shot damage and a below average mobility. Whilst at the top or middle of the list, this tank will be a formidable and dangerous opponent that can single-handedly influence the outcome of the battle. Against Tier VI or higher vehicles however, this tank should play more cautiously, relying on teamwork and the support of teammates to attain victory.

O-I Experimental

The first super-heavy tank among the Japanese. Despite its impressive dimensions (the weight of this Tier V tank is almost 100 tons), the maximum speed the O-I can achieve is 40 km/h even with a powerful engine onboard. This tank can impress not only with excellent dynamics, but also with two excellent guns (7,5 and 10 cm calibers), which should be chosen based on personal preference of DPM or high one-shot damage. The main mission in a battle for this tank is to rush in and get into position as a mobile roadblock, causing damage and supporting allies. The O-I's shortcomings include a large frame and the lack of sloped front armour, which is offset by a large number of hit points.


The land dreadnought of medium tiers. This Japanese tank possesses every characteristic that befits this title: excellent armor (front armor - 150 mm at Tier VI), heavy-caliber guns with great penetration and high one-shot damage. We should also mention the O-I's "stock" gun - its characteristics are highly competitive with top guns of its siblings, so this heavily armored samurai can still be effective with stock equipment.

Starting from this vehicle, the features of the typical Japanese heavy tank can now be figured out: heavy armor, excellent guns and humble mobility. The O-I is a one-dimensional tank, charged with only one mission – rushing into the fray or deterring a specific part of the map. Therefore, at the beginning of a battle it’s recommended to carefully plan tactics, as this medium tier monster has a limited capability to influence events on other flanks.


Another Japanese prototype of super-heavy tank. A well-armored, slow-moving vehicle with two top guns as options, its recommendations are the same as for O-I. One of the features include a dynamic change of depression/elevation angle. Due to having two quite massive additional turrets on the front armor, the depression/elevation angle of front armor is limited. This feature should be considered when executing fire from a reverse slope of a hill.


Further development of the super-heavy tank project. Within the gameplay the vehicle is equal to O-Ni. It features enhanced armor and improved characteristics of alternative guns. Also similar to the O-Ni is the depression/elevation angles that change depending on the gun position.

Type 4 Heavy

This big, armored and well-armed behemoth carries the highest amount of hit points on for all Tier IX tanks. However, it compensates for this by being slow and conspicuous.

Type 5 Heavy

Sitting at the apex of the Japanese super-heavy tech tree branch, the Type 5 Heavy was designed for coastal defence and breaking through enemy defensive positions. By all accounts, the tank's characteristics exceeds all requirements expected of it. The Type 5 Heavy will be suitable for courageous and confident tank commanders who won’t get tired of searching hideouts in bushes and are unafraid of joining battle with superior enemy forces. It doesn’t matter what enemies you will face – the front armor of this Japanese behemoth will be able to even the odds of any battle, and its 14cm guns will make short work of most vehicles.

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