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It's a Record! 33,445 Concurrent Players

Tank Commanders!

We're glad to announce that for the first time ever, World of Tanks Asia for PC has recently reached the record number of 33,445 players online concurrently!

It's clear that World of Tanks is still growing in popularity in the region, and we'd like to thank all of you for your continued support. Rest assured that we'll be introducing even more improvements and new features to the game to make it the best tank combat title available, so get in your commander's seat and Let's Battle!

30k PCCU Event: Type 59/Gold winners

Some time ago, we started a forum event that was aimed for a final push to break 30k Concurrent Users in the server (which was our original goal). Simply put, those who were there when the 30k mark was breached stood a chance of winning a Type 59 or in-game gold for their efforts.

Now that we've exceeded our target, it's time to reward the lucky ones who helped out! Congratulations to the following players; you'll receive your prizes soon.

  • Hauptmann_Voss: Type 59 + garage slot
  • Tigerbattu994: Type 59 + garage slot
  • abitohamon: Type 59 + garage slot
  • xXSaitoHajimeXx: Type 59 + garage slot
  • c4915695: Type 59 + garage slot
  • snep1220: Type 59 + garage slot
  • shin2k1: 1000
  • Resilience: 1000
  • t800asp: 1000
  • Willodile: 1000