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Introducing the new Clan Portal

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Tank Commanders!

The Wargaming developers’ team is proud to introduce the new Clan Portal, where all clan information and tools will be stored in one single place.

Now available for browsing, the Clan Portal is created with an eye-catching new design and combines all primary clan features within easy reach. Within the portal, players can create new clans, use the Recruiting Station (to search for a clan to join or to recruit new players to an existing one), look up information on Strongholds and other clan management tools. This platform is specifically designed to provide everything related to creating and maintaining clans and will be updated on a regular basis.

From this point onwards, clans will be present in all Wargaming MMO titles, similar to Premium Accounts and Gold. This means you'll be carrying the same clan name and tag across all three games, battling with the same clanmates and fighting to increase the same clan treasure amount no matter which game you may be in at any moment.

Because of this change, we have introduced some upgrades to the 'Personal File' and 'Terms of Recruiting' sections in the Recruiting Station feature. Now, you will be able to choose the specific game you're thinking of when looking for a clan or new members. Do note that you'll be able to choose more than one game for this option:

We're currently releasing the first version of the Clan Portal, but we're already planning to update it with new features very soon, such as:

  • Detailed clan pages for Strongholds
  • Detailed player's statistics in Clan Profiles, including vehicle stats
  • New Clan Profile with clan statistics, clan activity log with lists of events and changes and clan message boards
  • Other useful tools

Note: Clans will be able to upload and change clan emblems for free for two weeks, starting from the release of the Clan Portal.

This is only the beginning - our goal is to create a convenient and useful platform that provides rapid access to all relevant information about clans, which will help you on the way to victory.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Roll out!


Visit the new Clan Portal here