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Introducing our new Community Live-Streamers!

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Tank Commanders!

What's better than playing World of Tanks? Answer: watching other people play World of Tanks. If you're looking for a nice, likeable streamer to watch, this article is for you.

Our community streamers MajorRage, TE_maaw_ and TE_Saffe have always provided helpful gameplay advice on the forums, but they also maintain active Twitch channels where they broadcast their games live, peppered with useful information that could improve your skill in battle. Don't take our word for it though - have a look at their profiles and view some of their videos below. Enjoy, and don't forget to tune in when they're live!

Roll out!



I love the game and making videos to get others to play and encourage others to play more and get better. I'm also a Community Contributor for WoT, with a consistent series called Monday Night Replays where i get others to send in replays and I'll record them for youtube, I have been wanting to do the same for WoWs "call it Wednesday Night Warships".

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Wassup everyone, maaw here or for some better know me as botek9.

I'm from Malaysia, I have played world of tanks since the early close beta and i'm an esport enthusiast that has been involved in wot esport since 2012.

I started off with representing my country Malaysia at WCG2012, from there i joined Team Efficiency and I have been playing in  WGL asia's top league ever since.

Around mid 2013 i started broadcasting on twitch ( I also have my own youtube channel ( which highlights some of my best gameplay/failed and unexpected rare bug finding.

I'm a 3400+ wn8 solo-yolo ranger who mainly plays medium and heavy tanks.

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Hi everyone, My name is Christian (better known as TE_Saffe), I am a 32 year old Swede currently residing in Melbourne, Australia.

Originally I moved here to pursue my tennis career after recovering from a broken wrist but unfortunatly it never healed properly so I had to give it up.

I decided to stay for another year to travel the country but plans change and 10 years later I am still here in Melbourne. Aside from tennis I have always been involved in esports and gaming, I got my first taste of competative gaming and esports back in the days of Quakeworld before switching over to Counterstrike where I was part of one ot the top Swedish Counterstrike teams and competed at the highest level for a long period of time. 

In terms of World of Tanks I am a bit of a latecomer, I only started playing WOT back in early 2014 after giving up on CSGO (1.6 FTW). 

I got into streaming back in January of 2016 and the channel/community is slowly growing mainly due to the great people and friendly banter. (

As a tanker I have always enjoyed playing light tanks due to the high skill ceiling requirement but due to the current meta you will mainly see me play medium and heavy tanks.

I am also part of Team Efficiency which is a team currently competing in the WGL Asia Gold league.

I would also like to thank Wargaming for letting me be a part of this program and hopefully I can help both newcomers and seasoned veterans improve both their understanding and all around gameplay.

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