Inspiration Behind Sabaton's Swedish Tank

Tank Commanders,

A special new vehicle and music score would soon be invading World of Tanks! Courtesy of heavy-metal band Sabaton and veteran musician Akira Yamaoka respectively. These cool musicians also happen to be avid tankers!

Celebrating Talented Gamers

Other than watching an enemy tank burn to 0 HP after your strategic shot, there are many other satisfying things in life too. For example, breaking public perception that gamers have no talent nor interests outside games. World of Tanks celebrates the musical talents of its community with this epic collaboration!

On August 17, the first ever music-inspired tank, the Strv 81 Primo Victoria, will be released. You can find it in-game with some rocking camo and unique features like Sabaton crew with a captain’s voice over.

Here's the music video featuring Sabaton, directed by famous German music video and commercial director Zoran Bihac. 

Want to guess what the song title is?