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In Development: Konštrukta T-34/100

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Tank Commanders!

Update 9.13 will bring to World of Tanks a new tech tree featuring the medium tanks of Czechoslovakia - something that we have already posted about previously. One of the most interesting tanks of the Czechoslovakian tech tree is the Tier VII MT Konštrukta T-34/100.

About the Tank

In this article you will find detailed technical characteristics, features and peculiarities of usage in battle of the new medium tank.


  • Gun. The main distinguishing feature of this tank, its top gun combines high alpha damage with a decent rate of fire. An armor penetration value of 175 mm makes it possible to confidently strike enemy’s vehicles up to Tier VIII. In high-level battles you will have to fire at vulnerable places or take positions from which you will be able to defeat opponents by hitting them on the sides or rear.
  • High alpha damage. Due a higher-than-average alpha damage compared to other medium tanks on Tier VII, the Konštrukta T-34/100 has a very high chance of winning a head-to-head battle with any medium tank of the same tier, as exchanging damage in most cases will result in favor of the Czechoslovakian tank.
  • Damage per minute. The tank's DPM is about 1765 HP per minute. This is sufficient to deal with any opponent of the same tier. Under optimal conditions, the firepower of Konštrukta T-34/100 will present an unpleasant surprise to high-tier vehicles as well.
  • View range. The Konštrukta T-34/100 is not only a well-armed tank - it possesses a good view range as well. Its view range stands at 370 meters, one of the highest values among all Tier VII medium tanks. Installing an additional Coated Optics equipment is highly recommended for this tank as it will add 10% to the value of view range and will move it to Tier X.

Tactical Role in Battle

A role of this tank in a battle does not involve any complicated operations; this is a simple combat vehicle aimed at causing damage. Taking dominant positions and flank breakthroughs in the beginning of a battle – these are not the primary objectives for the Konštrukta T-34/100. This new tank is a vehicle that prefers group actions, especially at the first stage of a battle. The most effective tactics will be operating in groups of medium or even heavy tanks. The T-34/100 offers the best performance possible when grouped up with other friendly tanks: while opponents are distracted by allied vehicles, the Konštrukta begins doing what it does best – causing damage. The perfect balance between the value of alpha damage and rate of fire opens up great opportunities for that.

In battles with high-tier vehicles the effectiveness of operations in groups becomes less pronounced. Such use of the Czechoslovakian tank will depend much on luck. Also, with such tactics the consumption of premium ammunition will be increased. Therefore, in such battles the best choice will be actions from the second line: taking vantage points that will allow the tank to hit opponents in vulnerable angles, thanks to the value of armor penetration of the 175 mm.

To sum up, it can be said that an excellent Medium Tank of Tier VII will soon appear in World of Tanks: simple but well-armed. Good luck in your battles!