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In Development: Dynamic Platoons, Personal Reserves, Performance Badges

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Tank Commanders!

We're excited to reveal some new features that will be released soon in World of Tanks. These additions are likely to arrive in Update 9.8, and we'd like to share some information about them with you.

Dynamic Platoons

A Dynamic Platoon is a Platoon that players can create in the course of a battle. A Dynamic Platoon can be created once the 30-second countdown to battle starts. The communication options available to members of a Dynamic Platoons are no different from regular Platoons:

  • Voice chat
  • Platoon chat

Creating a Dynamic Platoon

To create a Dynamic Platoon, press and hold the CTRL key. Upon holding the key, the team list section will be displayed, along with various icons:

These icons indicate the following:

  • The ally can be invited to a Dynamic Platoon;
  • The ally cannot be invited to a Dynamic Platoon;
  • The ally was invited to a Dynamic Platoon by the player;
  • The player received an invitation from an ally.

On hovering over the IGN of the player whom you wish to invite to the Dynamic Platoon, click the right mouse button and select the Invite to Platoon item:

If for some reason you decide to cancel your invitation, repeat the steps, but this time select Withdraw invitation to join Platoon.

Accepting an Invitation to a Dynamic Platoon

Once you receive an invitation to a Dynamic Platoon, a system message will be displayed. To accept the invitation, hover the cursor over the nickname of the inviting player and select Accept invitation to join Platoon.

Note: Currently, Dynamic Platoons can only be created by allies in battle.

Personal Reserves

Personal Reserves can change certain economic rates for a limited time and affect Random Battles.

The following three types of Personal Reserves will be available to players:

  1. Crew experience;
  2. Combat Experience;
  3. Free Experience.

Personal Reserves vary in type depending on the boost scale:

  1. Small (0–7.5%)
  2. Medium (7.5–12.5%)
  3. Large (over 12.5%)

Reserves of the same type are not additive; if there is more than one reserve available, the one with a lesser coefficient takes effect. For example, if you activate two Personal Reserves for additional Combat Experience that boost experience gain by 5% and 12.5% respectively, only the 5% coefficient will apply. Additional gains from Personal Reserves is displayed in a separate line within post-battle statistics.

Personal Reserves are granted for completing certain missions in Random Battles which will be available in the Missions tab. Once a mission is completed, the obtained Personal Reserves are stored for a limited time (storage duration will be indicated upon receiving a Personal Reserve as a reward for such missions):

Personal Reserves are only effective in Random Battles and last for a limited time after activation. If a Personal Reserve expires during battle, the player does not receive additional reward. Up to three Personal Reserves can be active at a time. To activate a Personal Reserve, click on your IGN in the Garage heading and select available Personal Reserves:

Battle Performance Badges

With Update 9.8, new ways to measure your battle performance are set to be introduced. This will take the form of pop-up Battle Performance Badges when you complete certain objectives during battle.

You can also check which ribbons you earned in the Battle Results screen along with further details about exactly how you achieved it.

Battle Performance Badge Name Conditions


Destroy a spotted vehicle with a shot or by setting it on fire.


Damage any spotted vehicle with a shot or by ramming.

Module or fire damage does not count. Blind shots also do not count.


Critical Hit

Damage or knock out a module/crew member of an enemy vehicle.


Be the first to spot an enemy vehicle.


Spot or immobilise a tank that then receives damage from your allies.

Damage Blocked 

Survive a ricochet, non-penetration or zero-damaging hit from the enemy. 


Earn 10 Capture Points.


Reduce the number of Capture Points on your team’s base by 1 or more.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this article is a preview. All materials displayed are still in a testing phase and are therefore subject to change.

Roll out!