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HD Model Changes in Update 9.12

Tank Commanders,

A total of 28 new HD models have been released as part of Update 9.12 for World of Tanks. These include 27 iconic vehicles remade in HD-quality, and a new replacement for a Tier X Medium Tank – the Centurion Action X.

However, it's not just a simple reskin for each vehicle - for the upgrade, we have re-examined and researched their real-world counterparts to bring their digital versions closer to their true form, both in appearance and armour values.

Changes in Armor When Reworking Existing Vehicle Models to HD

Reworking existing vehicles into HD quality makes them more realistic and adds to the feel of them being brutal armored vehicles that can do battle in the midst of smoke and fire, all the while participating in virtual battles within World of Tanks.

In addition to a changed exterior, the rework of existing vehicles to the HD quality may include changes in the vehicle's armor. This happens for a number of reasons: obtaining more accurate historical data (updated information on schematic drawings or existing vehicles), changes in geometry of individual hull/turret elements after re-modelling, etc.

Conditionally, vehicle models in WoT consist of two components: visual and collision models.

Visual Model Collision Model


Basically, the visual model is what we see on the screen during the battle or in the Garage, i.e. a graphical image of the hull, suspension, turret with the gun. The collision model is used for server calculations, contains full information about vehicle armor, the arrangement of modules (internal and external) and crew members.

When reworking a vehicle to HD, the visual model is the first to be changed: the vehicle becomes more detailed while enabling the possibility of changes in geometry of individual hull/turret elements. Such changes sometimes result in a revision of the collision model, as the collision model should be consistent with the new geometry of the vehicle.

Out of the 27 remade-to-HD-quality combat vehicles in Update 9.12, the most noticeable changes occurred for 3 tanks:

  • T34 – increased standard value for hull and turret armor. Collision-model tracks have also been added to the front armor – this change will add another 20 mm to the armor face. The commanders hatch has therefore shrunk.
  • IS-8 – has been renamed to T-10 following Update 9.12's release. Changed the standard value of front armor. Improved armored protection of the sides.
  • KV-220 – improved armor of the lower frontal part. The standard armor of the armor face has changed as well.
  • KV-3 – turret armor improved [UPDATED]
  • KV-5 – turret armor and commander's cupola armor improved, rear armor modified [UPDATED]
  • WZ-111 – sides armor improved. [UPDATED]