Halloween 2021: How to Take Mirny Back


Gather a team and head to the rift in Mirny. But before you leave for the unknown, check out this mission briefing. We have put together as much information as our intelligence services were able to ascertain. The Anomaly has changed, so pay close attention to the following video and read through the guide if you want to stand a chance against the Immortal. Only the brave will survive and get the chance to earn fantastic rewards including the VII King Tiger (Captured) with an extra-spooky style.

How to Play

Destroy Enemies

Collect Mirium & Fill Magnus

Destroy the Immortal

There are 6 types of enemies you might encounter in battle. Each of them requires special tactics. Mirium is a special matter that can be collected from destroyed enemies. It must be delivered to Magnus to proceed to the next Phase. Reach Phase 4 in medium or high difficulty for a chance to bring the Immortal down.



You will play as a team of 5 (with the option to create a Platoon of up to 5) and take on a fearsome group of AI-controlled opponents whose sole task is to ensure that Mirny remains shrouded in darkness. The goal is to progress through all four Phases (three on Low Difficulty), collect as much of the mysterious substance known as “Mirium” as you can, and ultimately put an end to the mighty Immortal!

Tip: Collect extra Mirium in earlier phases while it is easier. The Aura of the Immortal will drain Mirium before burning your HP.

After completing certain Phases at different difficulty levels, you’ll be able to find out how the Immortal has become vulnerable. Each part of this story is recorded on one of eight Reels. They need to be decrypted, one by one, using Decryption Keys which you earn when playing in the mode.

Magnus and Mirium Accumulation

  • Deliver the specified amount of Mirium to Magnus within the time limit.
  • Magnus changes its location at the beginning of each battle Phase.
  • You will be rewarded for all the Mirium delivered to Magnus. Pay attention to the daily missions for all vehicles.
  • Once you fill Magnus, it will transfer your team to the next battle Phase and unlock a random Anomaly for each transported vehicle.
  • If you fail to reach Magnus by the moment of transition, your vehicle will be destroyed, collected Mirium lost, and Anomalies reset.
  • To claim victory, you need to complete all Phases in order and destroy the Immortal.

Survivor Tips

Plan the Route

Planning your route wisely will help you meet the time limit and collect as much Mirium as possible. Use the communication system to ping the next spawn point and alert your team where to attack.

Work Together

Coordinating your actions with your fellow teammates is the key to success. Remember that you can't handle this alone. Provide cover for your allies, heal each other with consumables, and keep in mind that the outcome of the entire operation depends on it. Only by working together will you be able to bring the Immortal down.

Focus Your Attack

Try attacking as a close-knit striking force by concentrating fire on a single target and using your auxiliary consumables wisely.

Heal Yourself and Your Team

Consumables that heal and fix your modules, and those of your teammates, are essential to reach the final phase. While the Phoenix ability lets you respawn, you will return with only half your HP and without Anomalies.


Collect Drops

In addition to Mirium, destroyed enemies will occasionally drop green and white spheres that heal you or contain High-Explosive shells, respectively.

It's Turbo Time

Use the speed boost to accelerate a ramming attack for more damage or quickly move between spawn points.

Watch Out for the Immortal

Pay close attention to the proximity indicator that alerts you if the Immortal and its destructive Aura get too close.

Don't Get Destroyed

An obvious tip, but worth repeating. If your vehicle gets destroyed, Mirium will be lost, and earned Anomaly boosts removed.


Know Your Machines

Six different vehicles have been upgraded to withstand the adverse conditions of Mirny. Three are immediately ready for action, while three others have to be unlocked with Reels, or directly with gold. Only a well-composed team will yield success and be able to bring down the Immortal.

  • Immediately Available
  • Bought or Unlocked

Hornet (AMX 13 90):

A speedy and maneuverable light tank with a five-round autoloader

The machine for the experienced and confident. Scout the best paths for your team, activate enemy spawn points, sneak behind the enemy, and unload your shells

Recommended consumables: Born Ready!, Emergency Kit, Energy Shield

Cerberus (Centurion Mk. 7/1):

A versatile medium tank with a solid turret and high rate of fire

A reliable and straightforward tank with good armor and a solid cannon. Stick together with your team and take out enemies one by one.

Recommended consumables: Emergency Kit, Lifesteal, Pyrokinesis or Energy Strike

Double (IS-3-II):

A mighty double-barreled heavy tank with powerful guns and tough armor

Cause devastating damage with a mighty double-shot or ensure that you always have a shell in the chamber with sequential fire. The Double is for those that prefer to steadily cause damage and don’t need to rush to the front. Familiarize yourself with the Soviet double-barreled gun mechanic!

Recommended consumables: Born Ready!, Emergency Kit, Emergency Repairs

Malachite (T-54):

A medium tank with increased durability and accelerated repair of damaged modules

Lead the team with this mobile and well-armored vehicle. Thanks to its excellent weapon, you definitely won't lag behind when it comes to dealing damage, and its sturdy armor can even forgive a mistake or two.

Recommended consumables: Energy Shield, Pyrokinesis, Emergency Kit or Emergency Repairs

Grenadier (T49): 

A speedy light tank featuring an accurate HE autoreloader

Put the pedal to the metal and fly across the battlefield to collect Mirium. Do not stay in the same place for too long and always make sure to stay close to better-armored allies.

Recommended consumables: Energy Shield, Born Ready!, something to keep you going (Lifesteal, Emergency Repairs, or Emergency Kit)

Legio Ferrata (Progetto C50 mod. 66):

A versatile heavy tank with a good balance of firepower and dynamics

The choice of professionals. The vehicle is complex and requires composure and control of the situation. Advance with care, and you will be treated to extremely high firepower and good armor.

Recommended consumables: Born Ready!, Energy Shield, Emergency Kit

Dealing With Enemies in Mirny

Let’s take a closer look at your opponents and how to deal with each AI enemy vehicle:

Guard (Churchill, Sherman, Pershing, Churchill BP, Patton, or Caernarvon): The basic enemy with “normal” behavior

Make sure you finish them off quickly, collect all the Mirium promptly, and then focus on more dangerous foes. But keep in mind that they can be vicious in groups, so don’t allow yourself to get surrounded.

Alpha (T28 Prototype): Leader of the Guards and a strong opponent with aggressive behavior

Teamwork is key to even the odds. Try to take it down quickly without losing too much time or HP and be on the lookout for other enemies that will try to take advantage of the distraction.

Rabbit (Luchs): A weak but fast enemy with lots of Mirium that tries to escape

Act quickly and decisively, but be wary of getting into a difficult, and potentially no-win, situation. The rabbit tries to lure players to stronger bots.

Hedgehog: A fast kamikaze tank that rams into the player and explodes upon contact.

Dodge, duck, dip, and dive out of its way–and if that fails, do a barrel roll. Whatever it takes, don’t let them touch you, and take them out before they get close. Fortunately, only one shot is needed to destroy them.

Alpha Hedgehog: The more menacing version of the standard Hedgehog

It is bigger, scarier, and when it explodes, it will spawn normal Hedgehogs. Keep away and only take them out as a group to quickly deal with the nasty surprise inside.

Hunter (Panther II, E 50, or an E 50M): Persistently stalks the player that spawned it until it is destroyed

Like a puppy who knows you’ve got a treat in your pocket, this foe will follow you until you give it what it wants–but don’t try to pet it, as it will definitely bite.

Mosquito (KV-2 turret): A static bot that can spawn in unreachable locations (like roofs or hills) and shoots from long range

Try to get into a position where your shots can reach it, or just block their line of sight using cover, leaving them perched like an ugly gargoyle.

The Immortal

The ultimate enemy with massive damage and a fiery aura that steals Mirium and inflicts damage

The tactic for the first three phases is easy: don’t engage with it, don’t go near it, don’t even look at it ... and when you see it, run! Until you reach Phase 4 and the tables turn!

Take Down the Immortal

  • Damage Protection by Mirium:
    If you’ve worked together in the medium and hard difficulty and survived the first 3 Phases, you will arrive at the boss fight. At this stage, the collected Mirium will prevent you from being set on fire when caught in the Immortal's red dome of doom.
  • Aim for Yellow Weak Spots:
    Causing damage to the Immortal is still almost impossible, except for a few yellow weak spots. Concentrate your fire and keep an eye on its HP bar.
  • Take Out the Horde:
    The Immortal will periodically spawn waves of enemies. Take them out quickly to avoid being overwhelmed, cover your teammates, and always be on the lookout for Hedgehogs.
  • Load Special Shells:
    Use the High-Explosive shells collected from white spheres to cause extra damage to weak spots.
  • Use the Emergency Kit Consumable:
    Make sure to keep everyone going, but reserve your speed boost. The Immortal charges at you or calls in a bombardment. You only have a few seconds to get out of the area of effect.
  • Target Weak Spots With Attack Consumables:
    Lifesteal, Energy Strike, and Pyrokinesis, the consumables that cause damage, have also an effect on the Immortal and will damage weak spots.
  • The Immortal Is Not Done Yet:
    The battle against the Immortal is fought over two stages. If you get destroyed during the first stage, you will return for the second one, if at least one team member survives. But Anomaly boosts are reset and you only get half your HP back. Once you are in the final battle, work as a team, coordinate your abilities, and don’t panic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is access to the game mode limited like last year?

A: There are no limitations this time. You can test your luck in Mirny as much as you like.

Q: What are the costs of a battle in Mirny? And how much can you earn?

A: Ammunition and repairs are free, but you have to pay credits for consumables. The number of credits you earn depends on how well you did in battle. Remember, there are also credit rewards for the Reels you unlock.

Q: What are Decryption Keys, and what happens to them after the event?

A: Decryption Keys are used to decipher the eight Reels that contain the story behind the Immortal's vulnerability. Any additional keys can be used to unlock special customization items and will disappear without compensation after the event.

Q: I have completed the last phase of the game mode, but it was not possible to damage or destroy the Immortal. Why?

A: The game mode is split into three difficulty levels: low, medium, and high. Fighting the Immortal is only possible during Phase 4 in medium and high difficulty, not on low difficulty (which has just 3 Phases).

Roll Out and Good Luck! You will need it!