Mirny: Agent's Final Report

At the beginning of the Mirny: Hope operation, investigations went on to discover vulnerabilities of enemy 000-I - the Immortal. Squad 36's first encounter allowed the discovery of the Immortal's potential vulnerability.

The Manticore with the Pointer modification was used within the Squad for a field test.

Data at the Time of Infiltration

  • After collecting Mirium in the third phase, the squad returned to Magnus to leave Mirny. Upon encountering the Immortal, the commander of the Goliath activated the turbocharger to divert it while the rest of the squad could retreat.
  • The Goliath's contact with the Immortal's aura resulted in an uncontrolled release of energy. The Immortal had noticeable areas of luminescence unobserved before. It has been confirmed that the Manticore with the Pointer modification from Squad 36 returned.
  • Debrief or preparation of a field report is impossible due to the mental state of the crew. The only source of information retrieved were reels from the camera mounted on the Manticore. Reels were handed to the research team.
  • With the reels, Senior Researcher Hope managed to make a conclusion about the possible consequences of the Goliath's contact with the Immortal's aura. However, the data gathered is still insufficient. The Directorate of Intelligence and Security made a decision to further the study.

Results of the Investigation and List of Collected Files

Agent M. (code name "Scientist") took possession of eight information bits, each containing a key to the general picture. Having studied the recordings on the reels, the following conclusions can be made:

  • The delivered Mirium was not enough for active research work. Hope tried to justify the need for a larger volume of Mirium, but Colonel Gromov refused, referring to the excessive risk to tank crews.
  • Higher leadership considered the loss of personnel to be excessive. The Colonel likely declined the increase of missions in Mirny for this reason.
  • According to Hope's diary, she deliberately made changes to Goliath's collector. The crew noticed her unauthorised presence in the Garage.
  • There is no direct evidence of Hope's actions affecting Goliath's situation with the Immortal. Hope's research led her to discoveries about the Immortal's weakness.

Conclusions of the Report

The Mirny: Hope operation is complete.

Result: Success.

The theoretical calculations of the scientific group were confirmed—we now have an effective tool to counter the Immortal. It is currently not active in Mirny.

The military operation has been terminated. A limited military force remains in the city to assist the scientific group. Project management has been transferred to the head of the research group. The surveillance on Hope's research and activities will continue.