Halloween 2021: Mirny's Modifications - 3D Styles

Greetings, Commanders!

So much unexplored landscape in the anomalous zone. Only the brave and strong can conquer it. Victory doesn't come easy, of course. But we can defeat the Immortal. With the help of a group of scientists led by Hope, preparations have been made to create new equipment and consumables.

These latest developments in Mirny also work for several vehicles in Random Battles! This year, you'll be able to get unique 3D styles which were created as modifications for the IS-7, Manticore, and Leopard for Mirny battles. 

Report on Testing Modifications in Mirny

Additional Fuel Tanks
The tanks have been mounted to increase the vehicle's endurance on recon missions. The efforts paid off—additional fuel significantly increases the effectiveness of missions.
Antenna of the Radar System
This experimental module can help with detecting enemies under conditions of insufficient visibility in Mirny. It requires adjustment after each mission.
Underwater Diving Equipment
A set of equipment that allows the vehicle to ford the water obstacle by driving on its bed It has been mounted for unexpected situations and has never been used in Mirny.
Damaged Insulating Cover
Metal insulating casing. It compensates for the uneven heating of the gun, thereby extending its service life and improving firing stability. It was damaged in a clash against a group of Hedgehogs.
Modernized KPVT Unit
It should be used to destroy manpower and lightly armored vehicles. Its effectiveness in Mirny is doubtful. There are no records that it was ever used there.
Collector for Mirium With Batteries
A collector for Mirium mounted on the turret rear. It consumes a significant amount of electric power, so it was necessary to install additional batteries on the turret. The solution turned out to be controversial in terms of operation—a section of the battery was damaged in combat, and now it requires repair.
Damaged Sealing Cover
A sealing cover for the gun mantlet. It was designed to increase the service life of the gun in the difficult conditions of Mirny. It was damaged during a clash against a group of Hedgehogs.
Mine Trawl and Its Attachment
This attached tank device is designed to detonate or clear anti-tank minefields. It turned out to be ineffective in Mirny—a single Hedgehog was enough to destroy the device. On the other hand, another Hedgehog was destroyed.
Barbed Wire
A creative modification mounted by the crew. The crew feels more secure with it—nothing unknown from Mirny will get on the vehicle. It creates some difficulties when the crew needs to get in or out of the vehicle quickly, but safety is more important.
Camouflage Net
It is not included in the list of the standard equipment for missions in Mirny. It is here just in case of some unexpected situations.
It ensures visibility in the hard conditions of Mirny. During a mission, some lighting components were damaged and required repair.
A camcorder on a retractable rod. The model was created using German pre-war developments. Simple and relatively reliable, this is exactly what is needed for conditions in Mirny. It is used to record information during recon missions.
Additional Radio
An additional radio with an arc antenna. This is an experimental model made in Italy. It ensures uninterrupted communication in difficult conditions, which is especially important for a light tank within a recon squad.
Collector for Mirium With Additional Containers
A collector for the unexplored matter. In the bustle rack, you can see additional containers in case of field repairs.
Smoke Grenade Launchers
Launchers with grenades. They should ensure a safe retreat in a difficult situation.
Bustle Rack
A bustle rack for storing additional fuel. It has been mounted to increase the vehicle's endurance on recon missions.
Rigid Protective Cage
It should provide additional protection for the gun in the unexplored conditions in Mirny.
Slotted Muzzle Brake
A customized muzzle brake. It improves the characteristics of the gun in accordance with conditions in Mirny.
Launchers with Smoke Grenades
Two additional launchers on the turret, as well as a 9-round barrel-mounted launcher, provide reliable cover in difficult situations.
Camouflage Net
It is not included in the standard set of the improved equipment for missions in Mirny, but it won't make it worse anyway.
Infrared Spotlight
It should ensure visibility for the vehicle in conditions of poor visibility in Mirny. Its effectiveness has not been confirmed.
Additional External Air Filter
Due to the need to conduct hostilities in an unexplored area and to protect the crew from the influence of anomalous substances in the air, this vehicle is equipped with an additional external filter that is connected to the standard filtering unit mounted inside the vehicle.
Exhaust Grille of the Additional Power Unit
To ensure the continuous operation of the matter collector, the vehicle is equipped with an auxiliary small power unit. Its exhaust goes out through an additional embrasure on the left side, covered by a protective grille.
Rubber Screens
They provide additional protection to the suspension. Their effectiveness has not been confirmed.
Improved Tracks
Shoes with extended grousers mounted on every second track. They increase the vehicle's mobility in the conditions of the anomalous space.
Bustle Rack
A bustle rack is mounted at the rear of the hull. That is where the crew stores both spare parts for the matter collector and various tools and service items, as well as new and used personal protective equipment (elements of chemical and bacteriological protection suits and gas masks).
Collector for Mirium
A collector for Mirium mounted on the turret rear.
Loops for Air Transportation
Since this combat vehicle was sent to the portal that opened unexpectedly, it was transported by air. For this purpose, high-load cargo loops were attached to the hull.

IS-7: Rhyolite

Armored, mobile, and reliable. Vehicles of this type became the core of the exploratory raids into Mirny—their mission was to draw enemy fire, giving the allies time to deploy. Not all returned. 

We have developed a modification that will increase the IS-7's chances during rescue operations. In these operations, the main objective is to go forth and come back. To gather information for the team.

Additional equipment increases the vehicle's protection and survivability.

Free-form report on conducted field tests of the Rhyolite modification for the IS-7 heavy tank.

  • The mine plow proved its effectiveness. It can withstand at least one or two Hedgehogs.
  • The radar system improves orientation in Mirny's limited visibility conditions. 
  • Protective equipment for the gun and gun mantlet proved to be effective, albeit fragile in operation.
  • The deep water-fording equipment was not used due to its long preparation time. Continued testing is required.
  • The vehicle's hull is covered with Mirium streaks—the matter collector is probably no longer airtight.

Conclusion: The rates of survivability and endurance in Mirny have improved. Further work is required to improve the process of collecting and storing Mirium, as well as to develop gun modifications.

Manticore: Pointer

Vehicles of this type were used as scouts in exploratory raids. The Manticore with the Pointer modification was the only vehicle to return from Group 36. That squad provided us with information about the possible vulnerability of the Immortal.

We believe this fact is the best confirmation of the effectiveness of the applied modifications. Excessive caution of the crew? This is one of the most important qualities of scouts—caution and circumspection. This modification was created for such purposes. We consider the project a clear success.

Free-form report on conducted field tests of the Pointer modification for the Manticore light tank.

  • The systems for recording information and observing worked beyond praise.
  • The lighting equipment was useful for orientation when it worked. It is hard to say when exactly it became inoperable.
  • The additional radio worked great. We guided the group to the correct area and transmitted information to the base without interference. Great stuff!

Conclusion: The modification should definitely be considered successful. Everything worked effectively within the conditions to achieve the objectives. The lighting equipment is the only thing that requires improvements.

Leopard: Blitzlicht

The Leopard modifications were created as the core fire support for exploratory groups. The key goal is to improve fire characteristics and provide a safe environment for the crew, whose task is to provide firing cover for their recon group. It was the Blitzlicht modification that proved to be so successful that we continued to use it during the second stage of the Mirny incident—within the Hope operation.

Free-form report on conducted field tests of the Blitzlicht modification for the Leopard medium tank.

  • The crew's life support systems turned out to be top notch. The only difficulty we had to struggle with was our feelings.
  • The effectiveness of the gun modifications is also proved by combat experience. The Leopards were good at suppressing the enemy.
  • Smoke grenade launchers should be mentioned separately—their placement on the gun barrel proved to be an excellent solution. 
  • As for the suspension improvements, I cannot say to what extent it was justified.  Evacuation in emergency situations? I don't know what this means.

Conclusion: The Blitzlicht modification is effective but not user-friendly. It demands high combat skills of the crew and the coordinated actions of the recon groups. All characteristics are on par with the Leopard's standard configuration.

How to Get Unique 3D Styles for the IS-7, Manticore, and Leopard

During the Mirny: Hope game event, you will be able to get three atmospheric 3D styles in the game client. Each style will cost 4,500. Go to the event Garage and switch to one of the three models available in the Garage to purchase it.