Hall of Fame 2016: A word from our Producers

Tank Commanders,

The Hall of Fame 2016 winners list is currently being compiled. Soon, the best players across all Wargaming's major titles (World of Tanks PC, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warships and World of Tanks Console) will be given a chance to bask in glory.

While we wait for that day to come, here's a few words from our Producers:

"Thanks for your support for the last 5+ years as we mark WoT PC's 5th anniversary for the region. We hope you continue to have fun with us, as we continue to improve WoT and increase our support for the region. It's you the players, that make it all happen."

- Tanitha, World of Tanks PC Producer


"We can't thank our APAC PS4 and Xbox players enough as we've just celebrated our 3rd Console Anniversary in February. I hope you'll continue to stay with us and experience the constant updates that we've planned in order to improve our players' experience in World of Tanks."

- Vash, World of Tanks Console Producer


"We really appreciate all your support as we near Blitz's 3rd year anniversary. Consider this as a small token of our appreciation for your skill and dedication. It's you the players that make the game what it is today, and we will continue to work to deliver a unique experience in the years to come."

- CynicalSilicon, World of Tanks Blitz Producer


"Commanders! Thank you for playing World of Warships.

Deciding what to give away as a reward for this event was a tough one. Our aim was to have the players have wider varieties of goals, and not just about winning the game. I will further work on this by rewarding players who had the most fun, etc.

We are doing this solely to express our gratitude towards our loyal fans. Thanks again; see you all on the horizon!"

- Hisashi, World of Warships Producer

1st Reveal: T-shirt Rewards

All players who qualify to be in Hall of Fame 2016 will receive a T-shirt reward, depending on the game they represent.

This is just the first of several rewards that we're planning to give away. Check back soon for more info!