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Guide to Team Battle Mode: Part IV, Crew Skills, Dos and Don'ts, and Battle Strats

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Tank Commanders,

The joys of being part of a great team cannot be felt until you experience it yourself. Having a great pal to platoon with can greatly increase your chances of survival in the battle arena. If you have not left your bunks yet to search for good teammates, here's the final part of the Team Battle Mode guide to motivate you.

Read on to learn about Crew Skills, Dos and Don'ts, and Battle Strats:

Crew Skills

The minimum your crew should be at is debatable.

Deathskyz’s minimum is a 100% Crew, Commander with 6th Sense and Loader with Safe Stowage.

Grivyn’s minimum for teams looking to take 7/42 seriously is to have a 100% crew and partially trained third skill. If you are not looking at playing seriously, then 100% crew with 6th sense should at least be obtained.

comix’s minimum is a 6th Sense Commander with other crew members having its 2nd crew skill being trained up. The more the better…...


6th Sense

6th Sense or go home……

No 6th Sense = Don’t even bother playing 7/42.

It is up to your FC to decide what is the minimum for your team.

It is up to the players to choose the Skills/Perks which suit their tank and play-style/role on the team, but 6th Sense is always a must.

Helpful hint: To ensure rapid training of your tournament crew, purchase/obtain the corresponding premium tank (nation/class) in order to use your tourney crew for additional training daily doubles and x3/x5 when on offer.



Dos and Don'ts for Team Battle

Rules of Thumb for 7/42

  1. Make sure you have thumbs.
  2. Make sure to do a comms check to ensure everyone can hear and respond clearly to the calls as intended.
  3. Do not underestimate the enemy.
  4. Treat the opposing team with respect. Do not humiliate them no matter how easy they are.
  5. Learn the proper times to suggest ideas to the FC and when NOT to do it. An example of not suggesting ideas is when you are in a brawl.
  6. Every member of the team is important, regardless of the tank he is playing.
  7. Learn what equipment/crew setup would suit your tank best.
  8. Location. Location. Location. Know where the enemy is before doing a push.


Things to Avoid for 7/42

  1. Spicy food. Always avoid spicy food, especially curry. You do not need an emergency bowel evacuation halfway in a match.
  2. Do not overcall your FC. Ensure clear battle comms as having multiple people shouting does not help at all.
  3. Avoid scolding in the heat of battle, save it for debrief. A stressed soldier does not get calmer with someone shouting in their headsets.
  4. Avoid changing the strat right as the battle starts whenever possible, your comrades may be confused and may end up not knowing what to do/going to the wrong place/doing the wrong thing.


Simple Tactics and Strategies

  1. Work as a team, no matter how dumb this may sound to you, communication and positioning of tanks works wonders when done right, No matter how well a strat is planned, it is the execution of the plan or the quick reaction to an enemy movement which wins games.
  2. Don’t be a lone wolf; stay together in pairs or groups for a force multiplier. A 2v1 or a 3v1 means that an enemy tank can be taken down very quickly in a matter of seconds without having to lose too much HP on your side.
  3. Trade damage well, no need to peek out and take massive amounts of damage when you know there’s a small chance of landing damage on the enemy team. Only expose yourself to enemy fire is you know it’s going to be a worthy trade where they are going to lose more overall HP than your own tanks. Remember that it's a trade. Not a donation.
  4. Sharing damage means the life and death of your tanks when it comes down to an all-out brawl. Take a hit for your teammate if he is about to go down, a 1HP tank is still a gun to use for shooting the enemy, always remember that.
  5. Focus Fire will take down a group of enemies faster than if you spread the damage around, one dead enemy means one less gun shooting at you and less HP lost on your side when the brawl settles down.
  6. Don’t waste shots in autoloaders, bouncing/missing or shooting at T1s when not necessary will cost your team on a number of occasions. If there’s a T1 in sight, get a Single Shot tank to kill it if possible, only fire at it with a clipper if it is capping the base or it is spotting your team and no one else is around to take it out.



Inspiring motivational speeches to the masses

Don’t give up. No matter how badly you were thrashed by the enemy team, you can always learn what they do by watching their replays. Remember that all teams have to lose eventually and in some cases badly as well.

Never stop learning.

Every tank can make a significant difference.

Be humble in both victories and defeats.

Trust your team and they will trust you.


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