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Guide to Team Battle Mode: Part III (1), Tanks for 7/42

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Tank Commanders,

Here's the fun part - picking the right weapons for your fight!

Choose well. A tank that you're comfortable with can make or break your battle.

Read on for more details on tanks that can give your team an upper hand in 7/42:

Recommended Tanks for Team Battle




The IS-3 is the standard Tier 8 Single Shot for 7/42s. They usually work in pairs and they are very nice Tier 8 tanks for brawling. Its side skirts allow for effective rear sidescraping and they have good alpha. This tank brawls with other tier 8s and soak hits to ensure that their 50 100s can fire safely.

Red Panda’s Tip: This is the easiest tank to learn but one of the hardest to master, generally this is the failsafe tank, an All-Purpose Heavy ready for most situations. Assign your allrounders or brawlers in this tank. Survivability of this tank is generally underestimated as when rushed, the IS-3 can be relied upon to hold its ground for a decent amount of time before it goes down if it has a good driver who knows how to use it.

Engagements are best in mid-close range to an all-out brawl, arguably the best tank to peekaboo with. Generally used in city maps or maps that offer cover without long sight lines.

  • Side skirts make this tank almost invulnerable to any tank firing HEAT premium ammo
  • Very nice first strike damage on the 122mm BL9 (390 average packs a big punch per shot)
  • Good mobility for a heavy tank (makes aggressive flex strats work)
  • Good accuracy on the move
  • Tough turret overall (minus the weakspots), useable for window/hulldown positions
  • Fires APCR *lol*
  • Armour is poor against APCR rounds when this tank is exposed (in the open) to enemy fire
  • Frontal hull armour is pathetic, made worse after the recent IS-3 nerf
  • Sustained firepower is underwhelming, it will lose a sustained firefight in the open without cover
  • Accuracy and aim time is not suited for long range sniping
  • View Range is abysmal (350m), the most blind tier 8 tank
  • Ammo Rack is fragile (prepare to get one-shotted or have a 20 sec reload when unlucky)




The 110 is an alternative to the IS-3. It has a faster firing and more accurate gun, but has lower alpha. It is slightly more mobile than the IS-3 but lacks side skirts to sidescrape in order to hold a flank. This is a more aggressive IS-3 but is much harder to master.

Red Panda’s Tip: An IS-3 with a higher DPM gun for sustained gunfights, armour transferred from the side to the front, tougher frontal but weaker sides when compared to the IS-3. Works best when piloted by experienced Heavy drivers as armour is harder to use against multiple enemies. Close-mid range engagements are best suited, however this tank is better at sustaining constant fire rather than peekaboo trading. Generally seen replacing the IS-3 on city maps or semi open maps depending on the strat either being more aggressive or defensive.

  • Very good frontal pike armour, very resistant to enemy fire front on, APCR ammo included
  • Quick reload on 100mm gun (~8 seconds), allows for continuous fire against enemy tanks
  • Mobility is slightly better than the IS-3, this makes this tank a very good spearhead for an assault
  • Fires APCR
  • Good at 1v1 tank duels (sustained, not peeking)
  • Weak side and rear armour, easily penetrated by flanking autoloaders
  • Accuracy when moving is not the best
  • IS-3 sidescrapes better than the 110
  • Dies really quick when ganged by multiple enemies dues to the lack of side armour skirts


AMX 50 100 


This is the standard Tier 8 autoloader for 7/42s. They are usually in pairs. They can effectively clip any Tier 8 tank. KV-5 included if they roll high. They are mobile enough to keep up with IS-3 packs but have relatively poor camo and extremely soft armour that can be penetrated by Tier 1’s.

Red Panda’s Tip: The standard ‘clipper’ tank. ~1800 damage dumped in under 15 seconds, fast chassis, no armour, long reload. Used as an ambusher or as a fast strike tank/flanker, make sure players on your team who are driving this have a lot of experience with autoloaders as missing/bouncing even one or two shots may be crucial. Meant for medium-long range combat, this tank does not fare well against return fire, so it’s best to set it up to deal damage without taking any. Usually seen as the universal damage dealing tank, useable on any map, however on open maps it is very vulnerable as it is easily spotted.

  • Autoloader - Kills extremely fast (provided all shots penetrate lol) Spike damage is excellent
  • Fast, can speed around the map and relocate very quickly to different shooting positions
  • Heavy with good speed means it can ram kill T1s without shooting them
  • Versatile vehicle, can support a defence or an assault
  • Fires APCR
  • Armour……. lol…. What armour??
  • Camo value…….. Camo?? What the heck is that?
  • Magazine Reload……….


Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger 


Invisible Punisher. This is pretty much a Single Shot version of the 50 100. It’s a good sniping tank and its high camo value means that enemy teams are unable to easily push a flank that this vehicle is covering. Do not get spotted in this tank as it is not mobile enough to run away and can be easily perforated by any Tier 1.

Red Panda’s Tip: The Slipper of Doom. Ability to mount a long range sniping 128mm cannon (490) or a 150mm derp howitzer (750). This vehicle is basically an AMX 50 100 TD version without an autoloader, it can lay waste to any other T8 tank at range provided it is not exposed. Excellent camouflage and firepower, however mobility is poor to say the least. Devastating tank when piloted by the best shooter on the team, best suited at long range when using the 128mm cannon or the 150mm in CQC. Again, a vehicle that can be employed on most maps, however it must be used correctly to spell success.

  • 2 gun choices, allows for flexibility in strats
  • Great damage dealer, both cannons can demolish other tanks very quickly
  • Excellent Camo Value, very hard to detect when hidden behind cover
  • Excellent View Range (400m base)
  • Gets murdered by T1 tanks due to it not having any sort of armour whatsoever
  • 1100 HP, not a lot when getting shot at
  • Slow, very slow. The IS3 and the 110 moves faster.


Object 416 


The Object 416 also works like the Borsig but with some armour and a faster firing lower alpha gun, its effectiveness is significantly lowered when facing a well-played IS-3 or hull down Pershing due to its HEAT premium ammo. It’s also very prone to module damage more so from the front where most hits will take the engine.

Red Panda’s Tip: T54 at T8 without the armour. This tank has everything the T54 offers with a rear mounted turret. Stealthy and mobile, this tank is an excellent choice for open maps. Very easy to handle and used out in the open, any medium tank driver should feel at home with this tank. Best used as a mobile stealth sniper on open/semi-open maps, engagement ranges are usually suited for longer ranges to allow this vehicle to retain its camo, however it can brawl in an emergency as it will kill (out DPM) all T8 tanks bar autoloaders.

  • T54 gun, very high DPM, whatever is exposed out in the open will die very quickly to this gun
  • Amazing camouflage values, won’t get spotted most of the time if well hidden
  • Mobility is superb, like the 50 100, this tank can relocate quickly
  • Amazing accuracy on the move, when charging an enemy without armour, auto-aim is viable
  • 1200 HP isn’t much when caught out by multiple enemies
  • HEAT ammo………...
  • Lack of gun depression means that engagement areas must be selected carefully
  • Prone to engine damage (front mounted engine)
  • Turret does not rotate 360 degrees but is sufficient


AMX 13 90 


This is the standard Tier 8 Active scout. Extremely mobile coupled with a high damage output and good camo makes it an excellent scout. Usually used in pairs just like the 50 100 as well. Note that it must stop to shoot at 200m or more. Do not waste your shots as it is after all an autoloader.

Red Panda’s Tip: An all-time favourite Light for professional teams, view range, speed and an autoloader all in one. Used on semi-open/open maps due to its versatility, essentially an alternative to the AMX 50, just trading firepower and gun control for speed and camo. Recommended only for those who knows vision/camo mechanics and also has superb situational awareness with experience managing a magazine reload.

  • Fastest T8 Tournament tank (5065kph on flat ground), moves very well
  • High Camo Value
  • Nimble and Agile, ability to dodge shells and circle strafe Heavies
  • Autoloader (High spike damage, 240x6 dumped in under 15 sec)
  • Excellent View Range (400m base)
  • Fires APCR
  • Magazine Reload……….
  • Horrible gun control (terribad onthemove dispersion and aim time)
  • Frontal Engine with a tendency to take damage and/or get set on fire
  • The humiliation when a T1 kills you



There are more recommended tanks for an ideal 7/42 game! Keep an eye out for the next part of Guide to Team Battle Mode!