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Guide to Team Battle Mode: Part III (2), Tanks for 7/42

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Tank Commanders,

If you have missed Part 1 of the Tanks for 7/42 guide, you can find it here. Welcome to the second part of recommended tanks for a strategically-planned 7/42 battle!

Read on for more details on favourite tanks used by pros in World of Tanks tournaments:


Recommended Tanks for Team Battle (2)




The WZ-132 is an alternative to the AMX 13 90. It’s a Single Shot and hence can shoot on the move in hopes to hit a tank. It has 2 gun choices. The 85mm and the 100mm. The 85mm has more DPM but fires HEAT which struggles against opponents equipped with spaced armour. The 100mm fires APCR, and more alpha but has lower DPM. The choice is yours to decide which gun you prefer.

Red Panda’s Tip: The ignored alternative to the 13 90, usually not chosen because of its unreliable premium ammunition (85mm) and its lack of burst/spike damage. However in some ways it is more versatile than the AMX 13 90 with the absence of the magazine reload and also provides the same speed/agility along with being less prone to fires as the engine is located at the rear of the tank. Good choice for those who are new to Light Tanks as the autoloader on the AMX 13 is harder to manage, this tank is fairly easy to handle and has decent gun control coupled with two gun options. 

  • Easier to manage than the AMX 13 90
  • Decent accuracy and aim time compared to the AMX 13 90
  • Excellent View Range (400m base)
  • Great at taking out T1s without the need to reload a clip
  • 85mm fires HEAT
  • 100mm has low DPM
  • Loses to AMX 13 90 in a brawl




The T32 is a solid Tier 8 tank. Its turret armour is an invaluable asset to any team. Once hull down, it is nearly impossible to debunk unless you hit its copula repeatedly without being shot at. That being said, it has HORRIBLE hull traverse. This is a tank that has to be used defensively. Avoid using it offensively unless it can obtain hulldown positions safely as it will be punished if caught in the open. It also responds well to using the 90mm gun over the 105mm as the increased rate of fire enhances its suppressive factor.

Red Panda’s Tip: The terrain abuser, this vehicle has a monster of a turret that can bounce T10 guns along with scout level view range, hence it is usually used in a defensive role on open/semi-open maps. Firepower and mobility is fairly underwhelming with nothing special to mention besides that the gun does its job ok and straight line speed is decent. Yet again an all-purpose Heavy for a more defensive team and used on maps where terrain can be abused. Very user-friendly so beginners/new team members may find themselves at home with this vehicle. Engagement ranges are usually mid-long range, however this tank can brawl in a pinch due to its decent DPM and suppressive effect.

  • Stronk turret armour (near invulnerable), useable in hulldown positions
  • Excellent View Range (400m base)
  • Decent selection of 2 guns
  • Large tracks are quite HEAT resistant, much like the IS-3 side skirts
  • Excellent gun depression and elevation angles
  • Turns like a dying whale on a beach
  • Generally slow and lacks mobility when compared to other Heavy Tanks
  • Does not fare well when flanked or rushed as the weaker hull will get perforated with the inability to escape quickly




The T69 is an alternative to the AMX 50 100 when better gun depression and mobility is required. It reloads faster than the 50 100 and clips faster and hence spends less time getting shot at. It is up to your FC to decide which one he feels is more beneficial to your team. Since it fires HEAT ammo, it will struggle when facing the spaced armour of IS-3s and hulldown Pershings (mantlet).

Red Panda’s Tip: The ‘faster’ AMX 50 100, this tank is more suited to hit’n’run tactics due to its faster reload and limited clip size. HEAT rounds are very unreliable, making this tank not a priority pick since the HEAT nerf, the poor gun penetration when it comes to fighting Heavies does not have security to cover the increased DPM when compared to the AMX 50 100 therefore rendering this tank redundant to some extent in certain situations where its spike is cancelled out by non-penetrating HEAT ammo. Requires a player with knowledge of weakspots and superb situational awareness, suited to mid-range combat, this tank can lay waste to enemy Lights and tanks with no armour.

  • Very high spike damage (~960 damage in 6 seconds)
  • Similar mobility to the AMX 50 100 (Fast, can support different positions/relocate very quickly)
  • Better gun depression when compared to the 50 100
  • Decent camo value
  • Excellent view range (400m base)
  • Fast autoloader drum/clip reload (23-25 sec)
  • HEAT ammo……..
  • HEAT ammo………………
  • HEAT ammo……………………………. .
  • This will sometimes cost you games…….
  • Gun control similar to the AMX 13 90 (Bad aim time and accuracy on the move)


M26 Pershing 


The Pershing is the T32 version of the T69. It is somewhere in between the T32 and T69. Its mantlet is able to bounce shots but it is not invulnerable. It has a nice and comfortable gun that is superb when on the move shooting along with a considerable HP boost over the T69. However it won’t last long in brawls due to its squishy hull and hence should be used for prolonged engagements.

Red Panda’s Tip: The tank that is used as a niche for strats that require a faster T32 to secure an early position at the sacrifice of the durability and the DPM. The turret is not invulnerable like the T32, however it is a lot more durable than the T69 and is slightly faster and also offers an APCR round that will offer easier penetration when facing heavy armour (IS-3, T32 etc). Pretty much all players should feel comfortable in this tank, however the lack of specialty may be noticed by some who favour a particular style, best used in prolonged mid-range poking engagements where terrain can be abused, this tank can hold very well against HEAT ammo, however at close range, many tanks will outperform the M26 due to its lack of sustained firepower.

  • Fires APCR ammo with high pen of 268mm
  • HEAT resistant turret mantlet
  • Excellent View Range (400m base)
  • Mobility on par with the Obj. 416
  • Better gun control than the T69
  • Mediocre DPM (sustained fire)
  • Jack-of-All-Trades (does a bit of everything, but not to the extent which other tanks can do)
  • Paper hull armour, will not last long in a close range engagement.




The ultimate YOLO tank. The tank that defines Nisa. This monster of a Tier 8 boasts the highest HP and DPM. This is a pure offensive tank and is used to soak up all the damage. If it takes 18 shots from 3 AMX 50100s, it has effectively rendered your other 4 comrades to fire without fear for at least 45 seconds. Use this tank to violate your enemies ever so severely with extreme prejudice, great care and the Will of the People will guarantee your success.

Red Panda’s Tip: The Damage Sponge, this vehicle is the one chosen for its ability to take damage like there is no tomorrow, with 1780 HP, this is the highest amount of HP any T8 tank will go even surpassing some T9 vehicles in terms of durability. Suited to urban engagements, this tank can either be used very aggressively or very defensively due to its durability, best engagement ranges usually come down to mid-close range to allow the gun to target weakspots with its poor accuracy and penetration. Again like the T69, this tank requires someone with experience and knowledge of targeting weakspots.

  • Nisa smiles upon those who drive this tank with the Will of the People
  • Surprisingly fast for its size in a straight line
  • Very high DPM, fast reload
  • Very high health pool that allows it to soak many hits before going down
  • Turns like a whale
  • Overrated armour values
  • Easily outmanoeuvred by everything
  • Low penetration APCR



The next guide would be the last part of the Team Battle Mode guide. Don't miss it!

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