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Guide to Team Battle Mode: Part II, Battle Roles and Finding a Team

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Tank Commanders,

This part will introduce you to the roles you can take in a Team Battle game.

Playing Team Battle Mode without the right team is pretty much suicide. For your sanity's sake, please live your virtual life responsibly. Your tanks will be eternally grateful.

Read on for more details on forming your 7/42 team:

Specialists in the Team

2 Dedicated T1 Drivers - Sealclubbers/Statpadders can fit this role well as they are used to low-tier combat, they must know how to keep their cool and win T1 engagements from time to time.


2 Light Specialists - Dedicated AMX 13 90/WZ-132 Drivers, must also be able to handle at least one Heavy/Support vehicle for urban settings, usually 13 90 drivers are put in 50 100s for city maps for their distinct similarity, however a T69 or other Support class vehicles may also work depending on what the player is comfortable with.


2 Brawlers/Heavies - Dedicated IS-3/110/T32/KV-5 Drivers, must also be able to handle support vehicles if Heavies aren’t being used. Usually an AMX 50 100/M26/T69/Rhm Borsig or an Obj 416 will suffice when the team needs it.


1 All-Rounder - This player will be your filler, he/she will be the one who is ready to fill any role necessary. This player may not be your best scout or heavy, but will fulfil multiple roles when the situation calls upon it.


Finding and Joining a Team

It’s not fun to play with randoms in Team Battle mode.

Trust us, no communication means that it will probably result in losses more often than wins. Playing with people you know and those who are on voice comms is generally more effective. Most tournament teams start on the basis of a group of players who know each other by some means whether it be platoon buddies, forum buddies, clanmates, or even those you know personally by face.

If you lack these options then the best way to start is to find a clan which is competitive enough to put together a team. Most of the time there will be someone with the initiative to create the team, however if there is no one willing to be the Captain then be prepared to take that role. Find some people who seem nice and willing to cooperate with a team, this is key as good communication is crucial in 7/42, remember to ask them what tanks they are comfortable in. Start off by playing a few platoons together to see how well you gel/mesh with the potential team member – this is often the best way to see how well you work as a team.

When ready, try some team battles to get a feel of the 7/42 mode. When you feel you have mastered 7/42 and are comfortable with your current team, try signing up for an official tournament.



Stay tuned for more Team Battle tips! In the next instalment, the pros give an in-depth explanation of the best tournament tanks.