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Guide to Team Battle Mode: Part I, Introduction to the Mode and Lineups

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Tank Commanders,

If you have always wanted to play under eSports tournament conditions, Team Battle is the mode you're looking for. Looking for more tips from the pros? Search no further!

Here is an awesome guide written by World of Tanks champions from around Asia Pacific:

Insidious Gaming, Team Efficiency and Avant Garde’s English Guide to 7/42 eSports for the Masses

Greetings to those who are interested in 7/42 eSports and its tournaments. WG has requested that we make this gloriously exquisite guide to the unwanted, unwashed, downtrodden and demoralised of the ASIA server who seek leadership and guidance to play 7/42 after numerous crushing defeats.

It was then authorised by the Supreme and Glorious Heir of the Righteous One, Duchess of the Pubs, Ruthless Slayer of the Unworthy, Gracious Saviour of the Uneducated Masses, Grand Connoisseur of The Most Fine Cuisine, Steadfast Carrier of the Undeserving, Most Purple of the Unicum of Unicums, Treasurer of Tiny Fortunes, The Loyal Lieutenant of Insidious Gaming, Daring Diplomat of the Dumb Pubbeh Safari, Most Holy Leader and Pioneer of the T1 Master Race, Fearless Comnisar of the People’s YOLO Party, and the One True Princess that the ASIA Server needs but does not deserve:


“If a princess does not lead the charge, her subjects will not follow”

That we fulfil the request of WG and as such, after many hours of menial labour, motivated by the working people who look upon us to deliver them from defeat at the hands of the ruthlessly barbaric pubbies, that we present to you our Finest Work of Art.

Let this guide be able to assist you in your endeavours.

Firstly, our credentials.

Who is ISG?

ISG is Insidious Gaming. Last time we Alpha Team Singapore. But den the ISG ppl see us like wah... machiam got potential sia, so they offer us sponsor in exchange for publicity lor. So we accept lor.

(WG Content's Translation: ISG is Insidious Gaming. Last time, we were Alpha Team Singapore. But then, ISG saw us and were like: "Wow, they seem to have potential", so they offered to sponsor us in exchange for publicity, and we accepted.)


Who is Team Efficiency?

Red Panda+Donkey+Skyfox+Malaysian/Singaporean Pro Tankers+Indonesian Pro Arty ***


Who is Avant Garde?

Previously we were Grumpy Old Men and formed from the PANZAC clan player pool. We have since picked up a sponsor “Avant Garde” and joined DPS when the clan was created.

Our 3 Tournament Teams makes the Core of DPS

What is 7/42

7/42 is the standard international WoT eSports tournament format. There are 7 players and the team has 42 max points and Tier 8 is the max tier. Hence the usual lineup is 5 Tier 8s and 2 Tier 1s. There have been other lineups, but it is generally not recommended.


The Team for 7/42

In the team of 7. There are 3 groups of people.


The Captain / Battle Caller / Field Commander(FC)

The Captain (or caller) is the one who has the final say and commands a team during 7/42 battles, to his team, the Captain's voice is like the word of God. Coordination of the team rests on this poor person’s shoulders. The caller is usually in a Tier 1 in city maps as it ensures that this player can focus better as with less agitation and panic as being in a Tier 8 taking fire and calling a team is very difficult to do. Generally the caller drives a T8 on wide open maps due to the T1’s lack of radio range or by choice. Most teams have a backup caller/ Lieutenant who knows when to take over if the main caller is not making calls or has become involved too deeply in a battle with another tank. Usually this person will also call if/when the primary caller is unavailable.


The Tier 8s

The tier 8 drivers are the soldiers of the team. They must know what the FC wants from them and they must be able to work together effectively and know their relative positions. Initiative is the keyword. In order for success, one driving a T8 must be aware that the FC is unable to see everything that is happening on the battlefield and hence must have the ability to be proactive and cooperate with his/her FC during a match. Knowledge of Sharing HP and Focus Fire is expected. Firing Lanes and Map Knowledge is recommended.

Inside the T8 player group there is a subgroup these are your 2 primary scout players. They generally are your most aware and best crewed 1390 players. These 2 players will generally know what your caller wants before he/she actually asks for it and will have an innate sense on when to fight and when to be passive as well as intimate knowledge of scouting spots and safe routes of passage for ALL tourney maps.


The Tier 1s

Never underestimate the power of the Tier 1. As Nisa would say “There are 5 Tier 8s, but only 2 Tier 1s. It’s OBVIOUS which one is more important.” The Tier 1s are the eyes and early warning system of the team. They are often used as passive spotters. They can effectively halt an enemy advance just by spotting them. The T1 drivers have to be extremely skilled as losing a T1 engagement causes the team to be unable to push that flank without being spotted. Depending on the strat, T1s may be outfitted with optics and GLD for aggressive attacks against enemy T1s. Camo net and binocs are used for passive purposes in order to spot much further.


DO NOT EVER just throw away your T1’s they can cap just as fast as a T8!


The Captain MUST know his team well. Some members are great at Single Shot vehicles. And some love autoloaders. And some are skilled at T1s such as Nisa who believes that #T1MASTERRACEYOLO420NOSCOPE. Hence, Nisa was promoted to T1 duty due to exceptional performance in the TAM Season 1 Grand Finals. Make sure your members play tanks they are comfortable with. Never force them to play something they hate or are uncomfortable with as this would be detrimental to your team.



In the next part of Guide to Team Battle Mode, the roles of team members in a 7v7 battle will be further explained. You will also find out about useful tips for finding and joining a 7/42 team.

Stay tuned!