Go for Glory in the Tank Grand Prix

Fasten your seat belts and put on your racing helmets. It's time to bring the heat! 

On 5 & 6 October, you'll have the chance to gather your friends and take part in the Tank Grand Prix. Open to all Commanders who are on the hunt for adrenaline-fueled action, it’s the place to show yourself as one of the best tank racers in the game!

Tank Grand Prix

5 & 6 October 2019
15:00 UTC +8

Registration ends: 3 October 2019, 23:59 UTC +8


Winners will be rewarded with cool gaming accessories provided by our partner, Razer. These gifts are well worth sweating over and will prove to be welcome trophies for any Сommander.

Check them out:

1st Place

  • Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Blackwidow Elite Gaming Keyboard
  • Goliathus Medium Gaming Mousepad specially branded for this event
  • VIII LT-432  
  • 4,000 
  • 30 days' WoT Premium Account
  • Unique medal

2nd Place

  • Nari Ultimate Gaming Headset
  • Goliathus Medium Gaming Mousepad specially branded for this event
  • VIII LT-432  
  • 3,000 
  • 30 days' WoT Premium Account
  • Unique medal

3rd Place

  • Goliathus Medium Gaming Mousepad specially branded for this event
  • Basilisk Gaming Mouse
  • 2,000 
  • 14 days' WoT Premium Account
  • Unique medal

4th Place

  • 2,000 
  • 14 days' WoT Premium Account

5th - 8th Place

  • 1,500 
  • 7 days' WoT Premium Account


You can find all the necessary information, rules and regulations here. Here’s a brief summary of the rules to give you a general picture of the tournament.

  • The battle format is 3 vs 3
  • Each player can only participate with one team
  • The number of teams who may participate in the tournament is unlimited
  • Battle duration: 7 minutes
  • To win, you can either beat the opposing team in rushing to the base and capturing it, or by destroying all enemy vehicles
  • This tournament is open to players physically residing in the Asia Pacific region only.

The tournament will start with the Group stage (held on both the HK & AU servers), and then proceed to the Playoffs (which will be played on the HK server). Groups will consist of four teams, and each team plays a match against all other teams within its own group.

Warm up your engines and let the incredible races begin! Give it your all to add your name to the list of glorious winners and earn yourselves great prizes! 

Our Partners

We would like to express our gratitude to the official partners of the Tank Grand Prix, who supported us and are an inalienable part of this event.

Razer is the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers.

From powerful gaming laptops to high performance peripherals, every Razer device is designed with the speed, control, and ergonomics to help you compete at your very best. When you game with Razer gear, you’re equipped with some of the world’s most advanced gaming technology built to give you a winning edge on the battlefield.