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Gold Series Team Interviews: NUMB

Tank Commanders,

After the Qualifying Stages of WGL S2, 8 teams were seeded into the Gold Series. The first team we interviewed was NUMB. You may have seen them in tournaments before - and perhaps even battled with them. Opponents could always count on them to put up their best fight.

The spotlight is now on "NUMB" to tell us more about themselves and their participation in the Gold Series.






WG: How do you feel about qualifying for the Gold Series and being in the lineup for a shot at the Grand Finals?

NUMB: Awesome!!! We've made it here once before, albeit in the final week last season. We're stoked to have the chance to play in Gold from the beginning of the series. The experience of playing the best teams throughout Asia server is a dream come true for us.

WG: What is your main focus now that you’re in the Gold Series?

NUMB: To be as competitive as possible and better our results from last season.

WG: How would you describe your team’s play style?

NUMB: We like to be reactive. For example, gathering as much information about our opponents as possible, then executing a push. We've made plenty of mistakes in the past, but would like to think we've learnt from them and improved our play style.

WG: Which team in the Gold Series do you feel is your biggest competitor?

NUMB: I don't think any teams stand out in particular however, due to the caliber of all teams that have made it into the Gold Series, we expect everyone will put up some tough competition. At times it seems our biggest competitor are ourselves due to the pressure felt when playing at this level.

WG: How well do you think your team can do in the tournament?

NUMB: Of course, I'd like to say we're going to win. At the end of the day, it all boils down to who plays the most consistently & who has been training the hardest.

WG: Do you feel that the team is at its peak or are there more improvements you’d like to work on?

NUMB: There is always room for improvement. Communication is key when participating in a team sport, which is the biggest thing we learnt from last season. Whilst the caller is the team's voice during battle, all players should have the opportunity to provide constructive input. Perspective is different for everyone.

WG: How do you go about preparing for a match? Do you spectate or watch any replays of the other teams?

NUMB: We spend a decent about of time in training rooms, going over plays, positions & just about every scenario we can dream up. We also watch a lot of replays from other servers, as we like to try and incorporate some innovative ideas into our own style.

WG: Where will we be seeing more of the team in the future? Are you planning on taking part in more tournaments hosted by Wargaming?

NUMB: 100%. Whilst we have a team, we will make every effort to play in all tournaments on offer. For most of us, playing tournaments is the best way to play World of Tanks and the most rewarding, even if we're not winning.



A shout out to our family, friends & fans: Thank you for all the support along the way, for putting up with our rollercoaster results & the long hours that we're required to dedicate to tournament play.

A special thank you to our unofficial team manager aka #1 Fan Boy Mitch 'Uber' Leslie for being the best caster, personal trainer, motivational speaker & singer (if that's what we can call it?!?) we could ask for!