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Decide the Future of Maps in World Of Tanks [UPDATED]

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[UPDATED 6th Feb 2016]

Tank Commanders,

Thank you for participating actively in the recent poll about the future of maps in World of Tanks. Thanks to your responses, we were able to come up with a list of the maps which players think are most in need of work.

Here are the 10 maps voted most in need of improvement:

1 Stalingrad 218
2 Pilsen 211
3 Kharkov 192
4 Overlord 150
5 Ensk 145
6 Sacred Valley 141
7 Swamp 136
8 Prokhorovka 108
9 Live Oaks 100
10 Fisherman's Bay  91


In addition to your votes, we have also taken into account any feedback that accompanied the votes.

This feedback has been assessed in three categories:

  1. Visual – In this category, we look at what you said about the visual aspects of a given map.
  2. Technical – In this category, we consider your feedback about the framerates per second, loading times, texture loading, and other feedback about the technical aspects of the map.
  3. Gameplay – In this category, we take into account your opinions on the difficulty of playing on a given map with different types of vehicles, and whether the map causes players to rely on a particular type of vehicle.

The following points are the opinions of players, and at this time, do not reflect the intentions of Wargaming to make changes to particular maps. They serve only to inform you that we have gathered such feedback and have taken them into account.

Your fellow tank commanders have mentioned the following:

  • Some would like Kharkov removed
  • Some would like to see the Port map to return to WoT
  • They would like to see previous Asian maps return to WoT, or a new Asian map
  • The maps in Random rotation should be made available to a wider bracket of tiers


Based on your feedback and the votes you've cast, we will look into improving these maps you've voted for while retaining the positive features of these maps. However, if we determine that there is no way to improve a map, we will remove the map from rotation.

Thank you once again for your feedback. We look forward to delivering a better game experience in upcoming updates.

The poll news was published on 22nd January 2016. The section below contains the original text.

Tank Commanders,

There are a large number of cool maps on which to fight your battles, but surely, one or two have given you grief. Perhaps you feel like certain terrain features need improving, or you just dislike a certain type of map.

Your gaming experience is important to us.

We want you to enjoy World Of Tanks, and improving the maps you play on is one way by which we will improve your gaming experience. You can help us do so by letting us know which maps you would like improved first! 

Below is a full list of maps in World Of Tanks, as of the time of this writing.

Full List Of World Of Tanks Maps
Abbey Fisherman's Bay Live Oaks Prokhorovka Steppes
Airfield Fjords Malinovka Redshire Swamp
Arctic Region Ghost Town Mines Ruinberg Tundra
Cliff Highway Mittengard Sacred Valley Westfield
El Halluf Himmelsdorf Mountain Pass Sand River Widepark
Ensk Karelia Murovanka Serene Coast Windstorm
Erlenberg Kharkov Overlord Siegfried Line Winter Himmelsdorf
Fiery Salient Lakeville Pilsen Stalingrad Winterberg


To vote for the maps you would like to see improved, please follow the instructions below:

  • From the above list of maps, select 3 maps that you would most like to see improved.
  • Click on the button below and reply to the forum topic with your choice of 3 maps.


Please take this poll very seriously, because your choice of maps will determine which 5 maps the developers will focus on in upcoming updates.


The poll will be active from 22 January (Friday), at 19:00 UTC+8, to 29 January (Friday), at 23:59 UTC+8.


Let's make the game better together!

Roll out!