Sandbox Adds Another Frontline Scenario

Tank Commanders,

With just enough time for a quick breath after launching the Frontline test, the team is back at it, bringing you a completely new take on big battles 11 May.

This time, we invite you to clash in Tier X vehicles across two new maps—the 1.2x1.2 km Grand Canyon and the 1.4x1.4 km Sunny Valley. The overall setup (victory conditions, rules, etc.) is identical to Standard and Encounter battles, the only exception being team sizes: 30 tankers per side, just like the 1st Frontline version.

We’ve seen a lot of feedback on the original Frontline, featuring a 9 km² battlefield and unique objectives for each camp, and the team is already thinking about future enhancements. At this point, we’ll continue testing it alongside the new scenario. Our primary goal now is to evaluate both options, together with you, to decide which will make the next stage.

We look forward to you getting hands-on with the two setups, comparing and sharing your thoughts with us. Which gameplay elements do you like best? Which setup promotes fast-paced action? What could use extra polish? Try it for yourself and join the discussion on the Sandbox forum.

Head over to the Sandbox Blog for a detailed guide on this new scenario and apply to join us in putting Frontline through its paces: