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Football Battles in World of Tanks! [UPDATED]

Greetings Tank Commanders,

We are sure that there are lots of football fans among World of Tanks players. And this is why a new mode is going to appear in the game, which is timed to coincide with the football championship in Brazil.

Yes, yes, we're not kidding - starting from June 13 [UPDATED], everyone will be able to try out our new football mode. Where and how can you play, you ask? Here's a gist of how the football mode will be like:

  • Especially for this mode, players will get a T62-a SPORT tank with altered parameters.
  • Central area on the map Himmelsdorf is going to be used as a football field. Of course, some significant adjustments have been applied.



Getting pumped up about the new mode already? Well, we are too!

You will be able to get more info about the new mode on June 11. Do not miss the opportunity. It is going to be exciting!